Anxious about Treating Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Having spoke to a few doctors and a few knowledgable forum members, it’s clear that the root of my symptoms are thyroid related. I’ve felt this since day one (almost 12 years) ago and have tried everything in relation to TRT to recover from the symptoms I was experiencing with only minimal benefit.

A few things have put me off treating thyroid:

  • I don’t have any memory, fatigue or energy issues. In fact, I have a really good memory (I’m a programmer) and good motivation.
  • It’s another daily medication I need to pay for and treat for the rest of my life (I’m only 36 currently).
  • My TSH/Free T3 levels are all good, but my total T4 is low. I believe most of my issues are stemming from this.
  • My main symptoms are difficulty shifting weight, libido/ED related, digestion and cold intolerance (though intermittent).
  • Getting “dialed in” could be a nightmare no doubt, like TRT and the side-effects are arguably worse than sex hormone ones.

Just needing a bit of support here, nothing else! :smile:

As a side note, I have tried diet changes, iodine supplementation (along with magnesium and everything else) for extended periods of time with little benefit. It’s strange though, because my thyroid function just seems to be “sluggish” in that sometimes I feel perfectly fine and other times I am cold and anxious. Very strange…

I tend to feel better at night and after a sleep, which is arguably when most of the thyroid hormones are produced.

I should also point out that I am already gluten and lactose free, ironically all of which started around the time of getting low testosterone/thyroid symptoms.

What are your levels for tsh ft3 and ft4?

You know t3 is the only active thyroid hormone, right? Not t4.

T4 is frequently low in men on TRT since exogenous T increases T4 to T3 conversion. Nothing that warrants treatment.

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If that is the case, what about if it was low prior to trt? Mine was bottom of range free T4 and 2.5 TSH but do not know what free T3 was as previous doc did not test it. Had it tested later with TRT doc and was practically the same for t4 but TSH had shot up to 5.5 if I remember correctly and free T3 was 3.5.

Mine was lower prior to TRT, but my T3 (and Free T3) are in range (though not optimal per-say).

Testosterone increases iodine re-uptake and the conversion of T4 to T3, which makes sense that it would lower T4.

My T3 was mid-range from what I recall, I will post the latest results soon.

The two times I’ve checked free t3 it has been 3.5 which is high mid so should be good, but my TSH sucked. I still need to get reverse t3 checked to see if that is the issue with raising TSH.