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Anxiolytics/Anxiety Reducers?


Anyone know anything about anxiety reducing over the counter things I could try? I have uncontrollable anxiety issues (daily stand up meetings at work cause my blood pressure to rise, heart rate increase, shortness of breathe etc). I can consciously reinforce myself that I'm being a pussy and there's no logical reason to get worked up in situations similar to this, but I'm afraid at this point that I'm classically conditioned to respond in such a way (I'm now anxious of becoming anxious which in turn is a self fulfilling prophecy), so I think if I could find something to take that would ease the symptoms a bit I could reverse this tread and eventually not have to take anything entirely. Any input is welcome.


I used to have the same problem with public speaking. What got me through it was mind control.

F drugs.

I'd get so worked up before a presentation or a game when I was younger in sports, I'd puke. What helped was twirling a pen, marker, cig lighter in my hands behind my back. Also looking at the back of the room and making eye contact for less than a second helped. After a while, I conditioned myself to get over it. Now its not a problem at all. Look at drugs as a very last resort. They've hurt more people than they've helped IMHIO.


This happens to me for interviews and when I give presentations, but only BEFORE I have to do it, once the interview/public speaking is underway I usually loosen right up and I'm fine. However like I said I'm afraid I've become conditioned to this response in my daily stand up meetings and thus I need something to help break the cycle. At first I thought "well I'm only nervous because I'm not used to it, it should go away soon" but I've been doing it daily for over a month now and it's still just as bad/worse than it's ever been.


Rhodiola (which is sold here) is supposed to help with anxiety.


Aniracetam - side effect: makes you smarter.
Bacopa - same side effect as above, plus reduces oxidisation of VLDL, possibly reducing risk of CHD
Glycine - no side effects, but might help you sleep.
Phosphadetyle serine - same as glycine.



Ok cool thanks, are most/all of these available OTC/online or would I need to see a doc and tell him about my predicament?




I thought Rhodiola and Z-12 were sleep aids? Do you guys have first hand experience with it helping anxiety?


Z-12 definitely works to put you to sleep if you take enough, take a smaller dose and I imagine it would simply calm you down.

The stuff bushidobadboy listed are probably the heavy hitters of OTC anxiolytics, though.

I'm a big fan of aniracetam.


Z-12 basically calms the mind and relaxes you. I've taken it before a lecture (3 caps) and it helped. Taking it nightly seems to help reduce my stress/anxiety overall. I don't suffer from panic attacks, but I tend to stress over minor stuff and always feel rushed to do stuff. This stuff eases me :shrug:


If you google "Rhodiola" and "anxiety" you'll see a bunch of stuff on it. I just finished taking it for 6 weeks (apparently you're supposed to cycle it). I was definitely less anxious that I would have expected to be given my circumstances. But I am always skeptical when it comes to supps (the only supp I'm confident has worked for me in any capacity is creatine), and there are always so many factors that I can't say for sure it is what helped. I'm trying to pay attention to how I feel now that I stopped taking it and compare. I'm pretty sure I will give it another go though. From my "research", it seemed there is little risk of any side effects, and no serious effects. I am no expert though.

Aniracetam and Bacopa sound like they are more potent though. Where could one find reliable information on them (side effects, dosing, etc)?

BBB2 - what do you think of Rhodiola compared to the others?






Passionflower Extract has helped me immensely with sleep, anxiety, and just feels more subdued in general.


Try Ashwagandha, all natural and no side effects.