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Anxiety on Mast

Hi guys, follow up to previous post, my doctor thought the trt route would be best for me so before ive started on trt I hopped on a cycle.

Having previously asked for advice for something to add in on here mast was recommended.

Started a cycle of test at 500 split twice a week and mast at 200 once a week. Im also on var (100mg) as i seem to get on really well with that.

Having previous experience with test and var ive had no anxiety issues, but about a week (give or take) after adding in the mast i got severe anxiety. I cut the mast out and it slowly went away… then i got to the point where i questioned myself, was it really the mast or something else… so i added in 100mg again and yup. Sure enough the anxiety came back.

Is this at all common with mast? Result of too much DHT with that much var? Maybe its just an individual thing?

Now starting to resign myself to the fact that my only cycle’s will probably be test and var as all the 19s scare the shit out of me and the likes of bold/eq is known for anxiety? I don’t think im naturally prone to anxiety

Bar primo am i out of luck when it comes to adding something else in next blast?

Any insight would great,. Thanks

Extra DHT plus the masking effect mast can have on e2 could certainly lead to anxiety.