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Anxiety - Fear of Choking on Food

Not sure if right category but I really need help. A week ago I somehow got piece of food stuck somewhere in my throat. I could breath but I really couldnt get my mind of that as it was uncomfortable and i could feel food in there whenever I swallow. Since that, im constantly scared that im going to choke on food, and its causing me serious problems. Weight loss, chewing too much, takes my time, I need around 30 min or more to finish normal size meal… Anyone had problems with these and how did you beat it? Please help

As a matter of fact, yes. Due to a sort of freak injury, my whole esophagus is scar tissue, and instead of the muscles contracting in sequence and pushing the food down my throat sometimes they all just slam shut at once closing off my airway and trapping the food where ever it is at.

I just chew my food carefully, take a sip or two of a non carbonated beverage as I eat, and hope for the best. A few times a year it happens while I drink water and when it opens and I gasp- I end up basically water boarding myself.

It only lasts about 30 seconds though, so I also usually inhale right before I swallow anything.

I think you might honestly need to see a psychologist because they are the only ones that can help you through one of these scarring experiences. If it helps though, keep in mind that death by choking is extremely rare. Hope that helps!

I’d give this one time. Choking is a traumatic experience and post traumatic stress is normal. It’s only considered a disorder if it persists to a significant degree for more than a month. Often the stress will decrease with time and things will return to normal.

Also, taking 30 minutes to finish a normal size meal is not ridiculously slow. That actually might be considered healthy. Chewing your food well is good practice.

The only thing that would worry me would be weight loss. But how much weight have you lost in a week? Do you need to lose weight anyways or are you underweight to begin with?

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It’s extremely rare? Wow. I thought it was up there on the list.

just drink shakes, you are going to lose weight too

Diazepam is probably out as you’d have to attempt to swallow it.

I’m sorry, feel free to ignore that.

you could crush it up and snort it

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I like your thinking.

Technically some of it would still have to go down your throat. But the calming will hit more quickly this way so by the time it gets to the throat, it may be okay.

aye that drip is horrible.

Maybe crush it into tinfoil and chase the dragon with it?

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