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Anxiety disorders with Test Prop/Tren Cycle?


I’m 28 this is my 3rd cycle. I have done test c 500 mg for 8 weeks. And test e 700 mg for 14 weeks. I’m going to run low tren ace at first because I have diagnosed anxiety disorders and I know tren can be harsh. So the plan is to taper up according to tolerance.

I will pin EOD or Everyday if it’s more beneficial. Has anyone seen noticeable differences in protocols?

Week 1-2 test prop 750mg/wk
Week 3-12 test prop 600mg/wk
Week 3-4 tren ace 200mg/wk
Week 5-6 tren ace 225mg/wk
Week 7-8 tren ace 250 mg/wk
Week 9-10 tren ace 275 mg/wk
Week 11-12 tren ace 300mg/wk
Week 1-12 aromasin 12.5 mg e3d

*also have caber which I will dose at .25 mg if needed. But I also understand it’s often not needed and various opinions on the use of caber. But I’d rather have it on hand. Better safe than sorry.

PCT start the 4th day after my last pin
Week 1-3 novla 40 mg/day aromasin 12.5mg/day
Week 4-6 novla 30mg/day aromasin 12.5mg/day
Week 7-9 novla 20mg/day aromasin 12.5mg/Eod
week 10-12 novla 10 mg/day aromasin 12.5mg/e3d


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