Anxiety at Start of Cycle

I am 48 years old , 190lbs with about 12% body fat at 5 foot 10
I have been training since I was 15 and messed about with steroids about 20 years ago and put some serious suze on but gave up cycling as I lays lost any gains( poor pct)
Anyways have tried test cyp for 12 weeks no problem and a couple of courses of test prop for 6 weeks over last couple of years all fine no real sides when on except maybe lightheaded off test prop. Only used beginner doses at all times.
Anyways to my reason for posting!
This cycle I’ve decided to mix it up a bit so I’decided on test cyp x 500 a week , mas enth 400 a week and a kickstart of 300 per week test prop for first 3 weeks.
After 1 week the anxiety hit me like a brick , felt suicidal no appetite and no way I could sleep, pulse up 20 beats per minute as well. I’ve stuck with it for 2 weeks now and anxiety comes and goes through day and I’m thinking of quitting cycle. I’ve tried one last test prop pin tonight and havnt had any test cyp or mast for over a week and to be honest I do feel 10% better which is good! Feel a bit lightheaded though.
What’s going on is it hormonal fluctuations which are stabilising now because of higher than normal dosing ? Or is it the masteron which I’ve never done before. Have felt bit under weather week or so before cycle to be honest as well.
How do you guys reckon I should procced I would like any comments from guys with experience of this and how they handled it

So its getting fucked up.

Could be many things:

  • metabolic demands outstripping abilities of thyroid function and/or adrenals
  • high HTC restricting blood flow to the brain
  • liver issues [AST/ALT]
  • brain drowning in E2
  • other limiting health issues

You are blind without lab work. Time to pull back and recover quality of life.

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Thanks for advice. It’s just weird how I have tried test prop on own no problem them test enth in own no problem and on this cycle it’s killing me!
Gonna take your advice and just stop everything it’s only been 16 days I’ve been on cycle for do I should recover ok.
Might be my last time cycling Iafter this experience it just isn’t worth it risking this happening again .