Anxiety after dropping dose?

Sorry for all the questions lately. I just am very encouraged by the advice I get here and have lacked since starting a year ago.

How long after dropping dosage and frequency that you notice alleviation of ( possible ) anxiety related to TRT ? I have been on daily 10mg for 7 days today , and I will have a few good days followed by a night of insomnia and anxiety. All of this didn’t exist pre TRT. Just curious. Thank you

Everyone has their own tolerance to androgens, androgens affects us all differently. I believe you would do better on something with a shorter half-life due to your sensitivity to androgens, like oral testosterone undecanoate.

Wouldn’t that have issues . I’ve heard rare mention of oral ??

I had similar issues that you’re having on injections, not Jatenzo. I believe it has to do with the PK profiles being dramatically different.

Injections, the PK’s are longer and larger, the PK’s on the oral are more rapid peaks and declines in hormones. The shorts long-lived peaks and valleys gives the body a break so to speak, whereas on injections, the peaks and valleys are more consistently elevated over days rather than hours.

My hormone levels declines about 100 ng/dL per hour, compare that with injections, it may take 1.5-2 days to see a similar decline.

Switch to prop daily.