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Anxiety About Coming Off Cycle

So, I’ve got about 3 weeks left until my last Test E injection, then a couple weeks to let it clear and a planned PCT of 4 weeks. Everything has been going great with my first cycle (250mg Test E every 3 days for a total of 12 weeks) and I’m confident in the PCT plan. That said I’m almost nervous about ending the cycle, which is ironic since I was nervous about starting it. I’ve literally felt like the king of the world. Its like I’m 25 again, not 48. I don’t want to lose that feeling. Anyone else experience this? How did you deal with it?

Just start TrT and you can pin for the rest of your life.


lol I was gonna say the exact same thing. plus you don’t have to mess with all that pct $hit.

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That’s how it is bro. Why would you want to stop something so amazing? I would consider you odd if you did.

With that being said this is where self discipline comes into play. You have to make a life choice. Stop and pct and run another cycle in a few months or commit to TRT. Just don’t be one of those guys who jumps on trt then wants to stop in a few years.

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Never stopped. I may be dumb but I ain’t crazy! :joy:

Never come off. Perpetual state of “on”…whether it be B&C or just straight TRT (which ends up B&C anyways). You could try the peptide route while off to help maintain gains/minimize losses, but off cycle goes hand in hand with some losses regardless, and that’s the long and short of it. You can be mentally prepared and handle it, or go the other route, which is basically a lifelong commitment.

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@yorkbarbell since you’re running a cycle, its safe to assume you acquired this on your own. You can continue to do so and do your own TRT or go see a doc. If you see a doc, read on this forum all the fucked up things Drs say and do, before choosing one. Personally, I went the Dr route for about 7 years before I took over my own treatment and blood work. Of course finding sources can prove to be difficult or you can lose a source for a variety of reasons.

Just some things to think about.

He’s Right :point_up_2:. TRT & BNC… then run HGH between cycles… it’s yur best bet for feeling awesome year round & holding yur gainz. Personally I run HGH year round but when off a cycle I bump up a bit. I run 1 bulk cycle 12 weeks & 1 cut cycle 12 weeks…then my trt is 250 cyp weekly + 2-4 iu hgh… I’m 42 & no issues except thick blood so I dump every 2 months… other than that if yur not a dipshit that doesn’t do research and just slams shit in yur body this lifestyle isn’t that hard. If u bust ass in the gym & kitchen it’s ok to even the odds against father time IMO… but yeah bro going from Superman to Clark Kent ain’t fun. But look on the bright side yull be back in the sky in 3 months :wink:

what’s a proper break between cycles? I’ve heard the amount of time you are on is the amount of time you should take off or when your balls go back to baseline

In my opinion ideally you want to wait for your natural levels to come back. For some this happens much faster then others. If you run a 16-20 week cycle and your back to 100% in 2-3 months then I see nothing wrong with another cycle.

Im no sure where the whole stay off as long as you were on thing started from I guess it’s kind of a general guideline but it really makes no sense some people can take 4+ months to recover fully.

The whole time off = time on, is from an era where not many did bloodwork. It’s a relatively logical template, but given the rise of folks getting bloods done, is an outdated concept. Some concepts still hold up, while others can be relegated to the dustbin.

Hi mate ! I’m 44 6ft 2" 200lb and want to start first cycle I have my source but carnt get arimadex and also how much gains have you put on after being 18% body fat as you were

I about 11% BF now. I’ll be getting a better confirmation on that in a coupe weeks with a Bod Pod test. I was cutting and I lost about 22lbs fat and gained 7lbs muscle, for a net loss of 15lbs. I started off at 225 an about 20% BF.