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Antonio Krastev's Height?

I’m a bit curious as to what it is/was. I seem to remember reading an article on T-Nation which suggested that he would have been 6’3 or higher. Does anyone have reliable info?

Maybe try asking John Broz via facebook or his web site: he lived with the guy when he trained with him for three years. Or if there are any photos of the two together John has said he is 6’3".

he is 6’1 to 6’1.5 even though he is listed as 6’3

.you will lose about an inch of height from morning to end of day due to gravity
.you might measure with shoes on (like lots of sport athletes)
.Generally they will round up…so if I am 5’4.5 I would just say 5’5.
. After the age of 30 you can start to lose height.