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Antonio Krastev 216kg Snatch


I dont know much about oly lifting but I saw this today and thought it was the sickest thingI have ever saw!

Is or was this a record and if so does it still stand?



No it doesn't count as the WR as they were wiped out when they changed the weight classes back in 90's. Not sure if it was changed in before 96 or not? I think so as the 96 Atlanta Games had the new weight classes, not sure if Barcelona 92 had them though?



They changed the weight classes (=wiping old records) before '96 to 'start a new drug free era'.

And then again before the '00. This was the first time women competed at the Olympics (7 weight classes), so they made fewer mens classes (8 instead of 10) to make the competition faster to get through.

Taranenkos 266.5kg WR from 1987: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsXY7KxegAc

Current is 263kg by Rezazadeh.


That was his SECOND snatch. For his third he attempted 220kg. Had it but lost it behind him.


rumor has it he Snatched 235kg in training. Though this legendary event is only whispered about.

Notice how there are no longer any Behemoth weightlifters like Taraneko, Pisarenko, and Krastev?
These guys dwarf the likes of Chigishev and Rezazadeh.


Yes, those guys were BEASTS.

I wouldn't say Rezazadeh isn't a beast mate though. He has a different built then Tareneko, Pisarenko and Krastev though.



I'm pretty sure there's an article on here featuring "the man who snatched 475 pounds" which of course discusses the snatch. Look it up it's prolly a good read.


I gave it a search and the closest article was this


it mentions Krastev's 216kg snatch


Antonio's best in training was 222.5kg, followed by a miss at 225kg, then a miss at 227.5kg. The video of his 216kg was his third at the 1987 World Weightlifting Championships, which I personally still consider as being the greatest superheavyweight battle of all time. The 220kg snatch attempts he missed were done at the 1988 European Championships, I think.


he made that easy somehow


It makes you wonder how that's even possible...



Holy shit! O.o

I want to be able to do that!

Can't do the technique properly with even a broomstick though... >_>