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Antone on T-Dawg?

Hi I am on the Dawg, and i wanted to know what people eat during their 6 meals.

When I was doing t-dawg over the summer…

On non training days

Meal 1: P+C usually some combination of oatmeal/fat free cottage cheese/skim milk/whey
The rest of my meals would be P+F and consist of cottage cheese/Tuna/Beef/Turkey/Chicken/Salmon/Flaxseed oil and sometimes a little bit of cheese

On training days I also had 1 serving of surge during and after my workout, which was in the am.

what do you mean by P+C, and P+F?

Hoo Boy… Uhmn,… didja actually read the articles on dieting online here?

Big Wall. Go to FAQ for the basics while you continue to cruise the forums.

It’s great fire (read flame) prevention!

Okay, I’ll help ya out, here. Do a search for “The Essential Berardi”. And then read the T-Dawg V2 Diet where a bunch of foods are listed to choose from. I think it’s safe to say that most who’ve been on it choose most of their foods from those suggestions.

BigWall, a P+F meal is a protein plus fat meal. A P+C meal is a protein plus carb meal. It’s a basic concept of T-Dawg and one employed by nearly everyone on T-Mag who is manipulating their body composition.

We’re glad to help, but you need to do your part by reading, studying and just generally getting up to speed. Along with the excellent advice above, start searching the forum and the archives (by changing the default in the drop-down box) for nutrition, Berardi, cutting, bulking or whatever your current area of interest might be.


This is exactly why we need the FAQ updated. It should be the case that people who have read the FAQ are conversant with the “tricks of the trade,” common lingo and other common knowledge of t-mag. Right now it’s falling short of that duty.

Dan “RTFM” McVicker


Dan, you’re absolutely right!!! Are you volunteering? I’m sure Chris Shugart would give you his full support.

I had a boss that would pull that on me every time I came up with a great idea. (grin)