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Antoine Vaillant


He placed 3rd at the Canadian's.

He has to be one of the most popular, if not the most popular bodybuilder not to be a pro.

The guy is very good at bodybuilding and even better at promoting himself, its crazy.. he posted this video 2 days ago and he already has over 30K views.. he has more than 12K fans on facebook.. lol

Here is the video, enjoy. I think its a very cool vid lol :slightly_smiling:




Nice physique.

But all that jumping around gets old really fast.

I could see how teen boys and spazzy noobs dig this dude.


I think watching all this "jumping around" is more entertaining than watching anyone do some bicep curls.. no?


His Q and A videos are pretty cool too. Hope he gets a pro card soonl.


Is that other guy the same as the one in the very early vids of antoine tricking before he really got into BBing?


Yep ! He got bigger too didnt he ! haha


It depends.

Personally, I'd rather watch Phil Heath or Lee Priest doing curls before seeing some nicely built dude with a bloody mouth flying all over the place.



Is that actually blood or just added for effect?


have you ever seen blood before? If so then you shouldnt even need to ask this question.


I'm an Antoine fanboy. lol. He's got a great physique, and I think he's one of the few BB'ers with a legit sense of humor. Was very disappointed he came in 3rd, but I think he'll get a win soon enough


No i haven't. What's it look like?


I'm a fan of Vaillant, but man this video is lame, good thing there are far better videos on his youtube channel.


Thats pretty impressive he can do all that while being that big but im not a fan at all


He posted a video of him training one day after his third place finish... Damn that must be tough.


I thought it was hilarious. Way more entertaining than your traditional training vid imo. Deadlifting with a gas mask haha


Big fan of Antoine myself. He actually posts on some boards too which is cool.


I dont see how his french canadian lunatic behavior is viewed as humor.


When did Van Damme get on the juice?


He must do ze functional training...