Antiquity's Training Log: Just plugging away


Extra work, 6 pm

4 rounds, EMOM
10 toes-2-rings
25 deficit push ups
10 alternating gorilla rows, 22kg KBs
10 plate raises, 45 lb plate

Mobility work.



7 am, Crossfit

TEMPO Bench press
3-1-explode up-1
155 lbs
(Don’t judge…shoulder impingement on my left side and my first bench session in months. Felt okay, but still not back to normal. Didn’t want to push it any further)

WOD, 4 rounds for time:
3 wall walks
12 DB thrusters, 40 lb DBs
9 strict pull ups
1 minute rest
Time = 9:27

Notes: The WOD was pretty much right up my alley. It’s the thrusters that are hard, especially immediately after the wall walks. I’ll update later after I finish my bonus work.



8 am, Crossit gym.

Partner WOD
3 rounds, 5 min each for max alt Devil’s presses:
12 strict handstand push ups
12 synchronized DB snatches, 45 lbs
24 push ups
24 calories row
Alt. Devil’s presses, synchronized
(We got 19, 18, and 17)
Rest 2 min between rounds

100 push ups
40 GHD sit ups

Notes: Also played soccer on Thursday, and took yesterday off. It was a busy week so I wasn’t as good about logging as usual.

Today’s WOD was a good one. My partner was a newbie, but she just graduated college and was on the gymnastics team. So, she had no trouble keeping up with an old dude like me. We divide up the hand stand push ups, push ups, and row and do the others simultaneously. Saturday WODs are a little toned down compared to other days, so make for a great start to the weekend. I’ll get some bonus work in later.



Bonus work:

5 rounds:
10 plate raises, 35 lb plate
10 DB lat raises, 20 lb DBs
10 hammer curls, 35 lb DBs
10 alt gorilla rows, 22 kg KBs



9 am, Crossfit gym

1.5 h of OLY lifting practice:

Extended drills/warm ups

Snatch complex: 3x[snatch pull + floating snatch + snatch]. 115 lbs
Snatch singles. Worked up to 125 lbs, then did some at 115 lbs
Clean and jerk practice. Worked up to 155 lbs
Clean DL’s. 5x2. 185 lbs
Double barrel front squats: 8x4. 135 lbs


1.5 mile weight vest walk

100 push ups
100 wrist curls
100 KB shrugs

Notes: Just an okay day at the OLY lifts. I feel like I have a mental block against snatching 135 and clean&jerking 185 lbs, despite having done both before. It’s like I know I won’t get it when I get set for the rep. I probably just need to back off a bit and focus on consistent form. Well, I guess it just means I have a lot of room to improve.



Noon, CF gym

Push press, go every 2:30
1x7, 135 lbs
1x7, 135 lbs
1x5, 155 lbs
1x5. 155 lbs

WOD, for time:
10 Devil’s Press, 45 lb DBs
15 calories row
8 Devil’s Press, 45 lb DBs
15 calories row
6 Devil’s Press, 45 lb DBs
15 calories row
4 Devil’s Press, 45 lb DBs
15 calories row
2 Devil’s Press, 45 lb DBs
15 calories row
Time = 8:30

4 rounds, for quality:
10 GHD sit ups
25 push ups

Notes: Mostly off work this week, so took advantage and went to a later class. I’ll get a a bit more work in the garage later, and some mobility (which I’ve been neglecting).



Noon, CF class

WOD. 3 rounds, go every 8 min:
40 calories row
25 wall ball throws, 10’ target; 14 lb med ball
15 burpee pull ups
10 hang squat cleans, 95 lbs

Accessories, in garage.
5 rounds:
10 feet-elevated ring rows
5 prying goblet squats, 22 kg KB
20 barbell reverse curls, empty bar

100 push ups

Notes: Nice balanced WOD. I did a hybrid between the full on Rx and the Level 2. I scaled down the wall ball throws from 20 lbs to 14 lbs (first time doing them in months, as they were tweaky on the elbow) and lowered the cleans from 135 to 95 lbs. I finished up each round with about 2:30 to rest, so probably could have upped it a bit, but didn’t short change myself on effort.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and then Thursday is the Turkey Trot 5k. Haven’t run since my last race, so the goal is to beat that time (22:32). We’ll see.



8:30 am

5K race in downtown
Me: 22:12 time. Placed 16th out of 504 in my age group

Garage, after the race:
4 rounds:
25 push ups
10 inverted ring rows
10 lat raises
10 KB towel curls

In garage, before the feast:
4 rounds:
6R/6L one-arm DB push press, 60 lb DB
Suitcase carry, switch arms and turn around. 36 kg KB

Notes: The race had a ton of participants. I spent the first 1.5 miles dodging people and darting between openings in the crowd. Still, kept a reasonable pace. Haven’t run since the last 5K race I did, and I did a bit better here.

The rest of the work was just to balance things out and account for all the food I’m eating today.



11 am, CF gym

Overhead Squat
8 - 8 - 6 - 4 - 4
95, 95, 105, 115, 115 lbs

WOD, for time:
21 - 15 - 9
Power snatches, 95 lbs
pull ups
Time = 9:24

5 rounds
30 sec max calories row
15 sec rest
30 sec max straight arm banded pull dows
90 sec rest

100 push ups


Notes: Good day training. The OH squats are moving easier, the WOD felt good, and was able to get in the accessories since I wasn’t pressed for time. Can’t complain about not having to rush off to work right after the WOD.



Recovery workout

8 miles airdyne

100 push ups

25 prying goblet squats

Notes: Just enough. Will hit it harder tomorrow.



9 am, garage

Wearing a 30# weight vest:
10 miles Airdyne
100 push ups
50 ring dips
50 ring rows
50 barbell curls
150 squats
400 m Farmer’s walks (22 kg KBs)
Time ~ 55 minutes

Notes: I’m still a bit beat up from my activity and competitions I’ve been doing. Felt like a less intense, but plenty of work, was in the cards and when in doubt, do some Walrus work. The workout was divided up in 10th’s: ride a mile and get off and chip away at the totals. I’m taking tomorrow off as a planned rest day, and then back at it.



7 am, Crossfit

Strength. 10 min EMOM, alternating:
6 back squats (ranged between 185 - 205 lbs)
4 front squats (ranged between 135 - 155 lbs)

WOD. 3 rounds for time:
30 thrusters, bare barbell
20 V-ups
10 Dead lift, 205 lbs
Time = 10:16

Notes: Can’t really tell if I’m fighting something off or just dragging a bit. Slept 10 hours last night and was just exhausted all day yesterday. Felt fine today, but not a zippy as usual so toned it down just a bit.



Bonus work:

Noon, school gym:
100 push ups
Plank holds

After work, garage.
4 rounds:
9 ring rows
9R/9L single arm DB presses, 35 lb DB
9R/9L gorilla rows, 22 kg KB
9 close grip BP, 145 lbs



7 am, Crossfit

30 min AMRAP:
10 calories assault bike
10 pull ups
200 feet Farmer’s Carry, pair of 24 kg KBs
10 calories row
10 ring push ups
Total = almost finished 8 rounds

Notes: This type of workout is tailor made towards my strengths since I do this style of training in my garage all the time, and usually with a weight vest. I still felt fresh and spry at the end, and completed the 8th round just to even out the training session. Also, this is the type of training session that gets a low turnout, as many at the gym just don’t care for long endurance-style workouts. I love them.

I’ll get in the optional accessories after work, and probably get the gym for push ups/mobility work at lunch.


reading that made me shudder. Nice work mate

It makes me shudder, too. And yet, I keep coming back for reasons I don’t fully understand.

Thanks for popping in.



Finishing up the accessory work for the day:

100 push ups

3 rounds:
12 barbell wrist curls, 115 lbs
10 [1 hammer curl + 1 curl + 1 DB press], 25 lb DBs
20 banded tricep push downs

Mobility work, about 10 minutes.

Chicken thighs and couscous for dinner.


Does your CF gym put their WODs on their website at all? They put up some really great workouts.

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@mr.v3lv3t : they put the WODs up on an app available the day before. I can also view a barebones overview of the entire week to give me an idea of each workout’s focus. They use the PVRN Affiliate programming, which is a third party program for gyms. The workouts really are fantastic, and they not only plan your workout and week, but program training blocks to keep you progressing throughout the entire year.

They look like this example:

That’s not the entire thing. I cut off the Level 1 (easiest) variation. They also have optional accessories that I usually do in my garage at the end of the day, and mobility work as well.

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Noon: 30 min soccer (had to cut out early to make a meeting. Really fun game, though).

After work:
4 rounds:
4 snatch high pulls, 115 lbs

3 rounds:
8 Romanian DL’s, 165 lbs
8L/8R one-arm KB swings, 22 kg bell

Notes: More of a fun activity day than actual training. Taking tomorrow off, and will get back to it this weekend.