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Antiquity's Training Log: Just plugging away



Run 6.5 miles


3x Farmer’s Walks
30 HLR
100 band pull aparts

Some mobility

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7:45 AM

30# vest:
1 mile Airdyne
200 push ups
200 squats
1 mile Airdyne

11:00 AM

30# vest
1 mile Airdyne
100 inverted rows
100 squats
1 mile Airdyne

Totals = 4 miles Airdyne, 100 rows, 200 push ups, 300 squats

Didn’t time it today

6 PM:

10 minute ab video

Notes: My joints (wrist, elbows) are starting to feel it from the high rep, weight-vested work. Didn’t do pull ups today because of it.

Not as sore from my ~7 miler yesterday as I expected, but was dragging and a bit stiffer this morning than usual. Can’t wait to get back to the barbell in a few more weeks.




5.32 mile run @ 8:59 minute/mile pace


Easy yoga/mobility

Notes: Ok, so I brought along my GPS watch this time to get the exact distance/pace. My goal was 9 min miles, which I had to pick up the pace for the last mile to get that done. No further workouts today; just some yoga/mobility work in the evening.

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5.33 mile run @ 8:54 min/miles


10 minutes Ab work

Notes: Felt great on the run. Best so far this training block. In the event anyone is following along, this is Week 4 Workout 3 (out of an 8 week training block).

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Are you running a TB Base Building block?

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Yes, that’s what I’m running. It worked great for me last year, and again it feels fantastic to see my conditioning improve dramatically.

I’m changing the traditional SE circuit, though, and doing weight vest WALRUS (531) workouts. This is still in the spirit of the Base Building program but aligns more with my interests and strength level/goals.

3x week of running (5.3, 5.3, and 6+ miles)
2-3x week of WV work
Extras: occasional soccer or yoga or ab work


9 AM


Wearing a 30# vest:

1 mile Airdyne
100 ring dips
100 inverted ring rows
100 SLDL with shrugs (pair of 22 kg KBs)
1 mile Airdyne

(didn’t time it)

Notes: This was tough. I was fatigued from my runs the last couple of days, having picked up the pace. Did it as 10 sets of 10 each.

Will bike to work and back in a couple of hours, and will do 10 minutes or so of mobility/yoga this evening.

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Nice. My resting HR was the lowest I have ever seen when doing BB last year. I think this spring ill have to give it another run (pun intended).

Keep up the good work man.

Yeah, I’m in the mid 40’s for a resting heart rate now. It’s kinda amazing how fast one adapts to steady state cardio work, especially if they are decently in shape to begin with. Too bad strength gains don’t come this fast!

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WARLUS workout

Wearing a 30# vest:

1 mile Airdyne
100 push ups
30 pull ups
50 KB snatches (18 kg KB)
1 mile Airdyne

(didn’t time it)

Late morning:

75 min Mountain bike ride

Notes: First time riding in a few weeks. Went with my sons and had a great time. The trails were still muddy. Rode my single speed, rigid MTB which is always a blast. Got in some kick WALRUS work in the earlier morning.

One thing I’ve found: the scalability of the WALRUS work is great. Easy to adjust/adapt if I don’t want to be too fatigued for activities later in the day.




7.5 mile run


50 ring dips
50 face pulls
50 band pull aparts

20 min abs + mobility

Notes: The run was nice and slow and easy. Didn’t even bring a watch. Just enjoyed the run (on a trail near a river) without pushing the speed. As for the rest of the day: lots of football watching, but also made sure to get in some other work. Nothing strenuous, but much needed.