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Antiquity's Training Log: Just plugging away

I jammed (or did something) to my thumb on vacation, and it’s swollen a bit at the base. Doing burpees with the constant hand planting bothers it, so had to cut them out. Been doing swings and airdyne as a replacement, but will start adding them in again once the tenderness is gone.

Been following your log, and great work on the consistency and continuing to turn up the volume/intensity.

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Good man, was starting to worry about you cupcake :kissing_heart:

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PM extra work:

100 reps reverse curls
100 ab wheel roll outs
Kroc rows 1x25e arm with 36 kg bell

Notes: Trying not to let this extra work slide off the map, but typically after the heavy barbell work and WV circuit I’m ready to fuel up and don’t have the gas to do higher rep extra stuff. Will try to keep adding this type of work in the evening most days of the week.

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7 AM:

5 mile run

Notes: My first run in a while. Felt good, but kept it slow and steady. Trying to ease back into a sustainable approach to lifting and conditioning and I think I’ve found it. Will get some bodyweight work (maybe KB work too) this evening after work.

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If running felt good you must be doing it wrong :joy:

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True. Good is a relative term in this case.

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PM work: 105 pull ups


Strength work. 7:15 AM

OHP 531: 65, 75, 95, 105, 115, 135 lbs (5’s for all, got 8 reps at 135 lbs)

Transitional work: (calling it these because it’s done between main 531 work and supplement/assistance work):
Standing ab wheel: 8, 6, 4, 2
Supersetted with 100 KB shrugs

Weight vest work, 30 lbs done circuit-style:
5x10 OHP @ 105 lbs
5x10 inverted rows
5x30 squats

Extra work, no rest:
Lat raises rep scheme (with 12 lbs in each hand): 25, 20, 15, 10, 5
Immediately superset each with 15 band pull aparts.

Notes: So my left thumb is bugging me. I’m being careful (starting today) to not choose anything that aggravates it. OHP seems like it would, but where the bar sits on my hand does not at all bother my thumb. Otherwise, this was a solid workout. Got 8 reps at 135 lbs, and I think my all time PR is 9 reps. Want to keep with this until I consistently hit 10 reps.

Weighed myself this morning, and I clocked in at 174.5 lbs. This seems to be about a sweet spot for me in terms of sustainable size and (relatively speaking) leanness. The positives are that this is the weight I have commonly been at the last ~5 years or so, but I’ve gotten stronger across the barbell lifts.



1.5 mile weight vest walk

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AM work:

100 knees-to-elbow hanging leg raises
100 DB straight leg DLs
200 push ups
200 banded pull aparts
15 minutes on Airdyne

Notes: Trying to find things that don’t bother my thumb. The pain isn’t so bad, but I feel like I’m stopping it from healing when I do things that aggravate it.


PM work:

105 pull-ups.

Notes: Not doing an insane amount of volume these days but plenty considering my summer work schedule.

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AM work:

5 rounds:
6 min on Airdyne
10 inverted ring rows
10 push presses 95 lbs

Notes: Great morning workout. Done with no rest, and the rows/presses were preformed fast and explosively, and I jumped back on the bike ASAP. I don’t really know if it was a true push press, but really just an OHP using a slight leg push. Finished at ~10 miles on the Airdyne. The idea of using the Airdyne as part of a conditioning-focused circuit is splendid. You get in a bit of extra strength work while breaking up the Airdyne miles/time into mentally easier chunks. I know TB2 had several of these, and also some WODs incorporate them so I’m not breaking any new ground.

Cool approach!

I don’t have an Airdyne, just an old road bike on an indoor training wheel… Might be able to make it work, but my clip-in pedals and shoes could become a pain—would lose a lot of time getting in and out of the shoes. Gonna have to figure out a way around that, 'cause I like this idea. A lot.

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It’s been a good way to both make conditioning more fun, and also get in some extra work. It’s a bit like doing burpees in smaller sets and doing pull ups/push ups between the sets. It’s more work overall but sure as hell makes the volume of burpees more tolerable.

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I agree. The Fobbit Intervals from TB2 has changed how I use my old clunker Airdyne. Or even Wendlers suggestions at the end of Forever where he is performing mobility work with the Airdyne in the same Fobbit fashion. Makes it so much more enjoyable to break it up a bit.


Strength work

TB Dead lifts 5’s PRO: 140, 190, 210, 260, 280, 310 lbs

Transitional work:

20 standing ab wheels (done 2x10)

Weight vest circuit (30 lb vest)

5x10 OHP @ 95 lbs
5x8 weighted pull ups
5x5 TB DL @ 260 lbs

Notes: Basically this is a modified workout from phase 1 of Titanium Knickknack, so I can’t take credit for the overall set up. Here’s what I’ve seemed to settle on:

Barbell work:
5’s PRO for TB DL
531 with PR set for OHP
4x10 for BP and Squats, with weight choices explained by Dan John in his Minimalist workout. For BP, I add 2 more sets at lower weights.

Transitional work:
Ab wheels or barbell shrugs

Weight vest work:
Push: pull ups, dips, or presses
Pull: pull ups or inverted rows
Lower: squats, TB DL, or snatches

Good stuff. The reduced barbell work keeps me fresh, the circuit-style add a bit of conditioning. The transitional work is both a mental break and a chance to get some targeted work in on the “show” areas.



Barbell work:

Bench press:
1x10x95 lbs
1x10x135 lbs
1x10x185 lbs
1x7x235 lbs
1x20x185 lbs
1x30x135 lbs

Transitional work:
2x10 standing ab wheels
2x10x235 lbs barbell shrugs

Weight vest work (30 lbs) done circuit-style:
100 ring push ups
50 pull ups
150 squats

Notes: Getting closer to my BP goal of hitting 10, 20, 30 reps at 235, 185, and 135 lbs. Hit the last two but haven’t been able to get 10 reps at 235. Also: I forgot how awesome ring push ups are. Love those, but I’m sometimes too lazy to lower my rings to be near the floor. Funny how that works.

Been adding the standing ab wheels to get some consistent ab work in. I think @T3hPwnisher says he does 20 per day, so seems like a good number to use. Can’t do them all in a single set but 2x10 is doable.

I’m going to do a one hour salt water float that my wife give me for my birthday today. It’s a balance float in a pod that’s supposed to " … help you thrive in improving your focus, stamina and performance on your physical, mental and spiritual self." I’ll report back on how it goes.


This, this, and this!

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Just got done doing a sensory depravation saltwater float. You go into a pod full of salt water, and the lid closes to create complete darkness. Music starts for 3 min, then complete silence. It’s a strange sensation, and the water is warm and salty so you really really float on the surface. Pitch blackness if you open your eyes.

Verdict: Very meditative and relaxing. It’s interesting to watch my mind and follow my breath. I don’t expect to do it regularly (it’s up close to San Francisco, so about a 30 min drive for me), but I’d say the effect was somewhere between a massage and a meditation session.



10.1 miles on Airdyne
100 KB swings (36 kg bell)
100 suspended ring push ups

Notes: Tough time motivating myself to get out there this morning, but once I got going felt pretty good. My chest is a bit sore from yesterday, so I’m thinking some full range of motion body weight push ups will help with recovery.

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