Antiquity's Training Log: Just plugging away

Good to now. That will be a good measuring stick and something to shoot for.

That sounds about right about today’s session. I was just going back to the book and seeing (thankfully) that 3x50 is only a single session, and happens in week 5. Next week, though, is the 3x40 and I’ll be interested in my time.

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Week 2, Day 2 of Base Building

4.67 mile run in 45:39

Easy calisthenics a few hours later:
Dead hang pull ups with neck-to-bar: 10, 8, 6, 6, 4. Matched reps/sets with ring dips.

Notes: It was cold this morning! In the high 30’s when I left for the run. I did a meandering run around town, shooting for 40-45 minutes long. Not pushing the pace at all still, and trying to get into the “runner’s mindset” of just relaxing and letting the miles pass. I’ve been pretty spot-on with my nutrition, training, and sleep, but today I have a double drinking session today with neighborhood friends this afternoon (outside and socially distanced, of course) and then an evening session with a friend passing through town. Only a few more days until work starts up, and holiday splurges are wrapped up.

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Those are some big boy weights to be doing 30 reppers with.

This program looks interesting too. Definitely something to steal some ideas from for extra conditioning.

Is the basic template:


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Yeah I think so as well! And probably legs tired from all this running you’re not used to? (running is also ahrder to recover than ergometer work)
This program looks sexy at all, and after all, is the kind of stuff I’m doing right now.

Ouuuuuuch this looks worse than all the other exercises ahahah

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It’s not so different than 531, but does have more prescribed conditioning workouts and specific conditioning built into the templates. It gives you a lot of choice about your strength work and your exact conditioning, and provides more details on how to balance the two for the long haul and based on your goals.

The strength portion is based on the familiar big lifts, but does favor weighted pull ups as a main lift. You don’t have supplemental or assistance work built in with your strength work, but you can get this in with your conditioning.

Also, you start with a Base Building 8-week block with is focused on endurance and strength endurance, then you transition into the strength/conditioning template of your choice. I think if you’re drawn to 531 you’d be more inclined to like this. You really need the first two books to get going. I can keep you updated as to how I end up liking it compared to 531.


The ab wheels weren’t bad. I would rest/pause a couple of times on the 2nd and 3rd rounds, though. The hardest to me are the squats, and I think it’s mostly mental but damn that volume gets to me. The push ups are easiest for me, and the swings are pretty fun. Rows are tough, but in a good way.

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We all have our weaknesses. Abs wheel were always tough to me. Had to focus so much not to feel it in my lower back, would usually end up feeling it anyway

Goblet squats… I’ve done so many BS training with them that I learned to embrace the suck ahah

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Happy New Year!

Week 2, Day 3 of Base Building

AM: 4.59 mile run; 42:14.

Ran with a friend today. Felt good. Slow and steady 9:11 pace.

Later: Easy KB, calisthenics

Pull ups: 10, 8, 8, 6, 4
Matched reps with KB snatches (22 KG bell).

Notes: Running is feeling easier and easier. I like the rhythm of the early runs, and some easy calisthenics, mobility a few hours later. One thing I note is the change in my appetite when running. For example, my usual eggs/meat breakfast just doesn’t seem appealing these days, and I’m back to a pretty stacked smoothie: plain yogurt, frozen blueberries, whey protein, scoop of peanut butter, 1/2 cup of oats, and honey all blended up. So good!



Recovery day:

10 easy miles on Airdyne with mobility sequence interspersed.

Notes: Switching days with the strength / endurance work, which I’ll do tomorrow. Feel okay, but a little bit of splurging on drinks, food, desserts yesterday so I’ll be able to attack the workout better tomorrow.

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Next week is 3x40

Are you as excited as me?


Please don’t remind me. I am hoping I will look closer at the book, and it really says “3x4”.



S/E day of Base Building, Week 2.

2 rounds of:
30 KB swings (36 KG)
30 Push ups
30 inverted rows
30 goblet squats (22 KG)
30 roll outs
30 band pull aparts

Total time = 17:10.

Notes: Happy with the time! After getting feedback from a couple others on these S/E workouts, I realized I could push the time much harder than I was doing. Rest-paused on the rows and squats, did the others as a straight set. Was sucking wind here and there, especially after/during the squats, and my grip and forearms were on fire after the swings.

Did a 10 minute Airdyne warm up, and some mobility/calisthenics prior to the torture.



Base Building, last workout of Week 2. Long, slow run.

7.2 miles at 9:40 pace.

A couple hours later, some light calisthenics and mobility work:

Pull ups: 10, 10, 8, 6, 4. Matched reps with ring dips

Notes: Went to a local trail, ran 3.6 miles out and then back. After the first ~2 miles to get into the zone, it gets so much easier and is really enjoyable. Tomorrow is my off day, and first day back to work after the break. I’m also feeling motivated to put the holiday eating/drinking excesses behind me.


Chipping away mate. Chinese water torture style.

Yeah man get the nutrition dialled in.

Carbon app is very good imo. Subscription based however will help you dial your nutrition right in for the t-ransformation challenge. Would complement BB that’s for sure

Week 3 coming up. Shit is about to get real

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No doubt. Looks like Week 3 and Week 5 are the killers in the BB block.

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Week 4 is non too shabby if you’re a novice runner

Getting a 60 minute uninterrupted run under your belt is a milestone. That was definitely the case for me

Good stuff brother! I’m about six hours away from 3x40 circuit



Week 3, Day 1 of Base Building.

3 rounds of:

40 KB swings (36 KG or 80 lbs)
40 push ups
40 inverted ring rows
40 goblet squats (22 KG bell, or 50 lbs)
40 ab wheel roll outs
40 band pull aparts

Total time = 39:20

Round 1 wasn’t bad. Got swings, push ups, and pull aparts in straight sets, rest-paused rows, squats, and roll outs. Took 2 minutes to rest and started round 2. Broke up the swings in 25 and then 15. Straight sets for push ups. Rows had to rest pause. Starting crying and wimpering when I got to the squats, and rest-paused them more times than I care to admit. Still, kept moving at a good clip. Ab wheels are not too bad, but need to stop and shake it off a bit. Thank the lord for pull aparts. Round 3 was a bit easier because I could taste the finish line. I wanted to break 40 min so kept glancing at my watch. Squats sucked but got through them. Considered pausing to puke, but resisted the urge. Kept thinking I should just quit this, sell my workout gear, and be fat and happy. But finished it. With shaking hands, I ate some pasta with chicken and a blueberry protein shake. Now, gotta go back to work.



Great write up!

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Base building Week 2, workout 2

5.07 mile run. 9:07 pace

Notes: Piece of cake compared to the S/E session.