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Antiquity's Training Log. Better Name Coming Soon



100 KB snatches (22 kg bell)


5.25 mile run

Notes: Something I’ve noticed is that long, steady state runs have really slowed down for me as I’ve increased the intensity of my strength training (circuits, weight vests, pushing for higher reps) and added burpees/swings to my mornings. When I was running Tactical Barbell as written (where strength work was low reps with lots of rest between sets) I had energy to burn and was running these distances at a good clip. I remember @ChongLordUno had a similar experience with a recent airdyne workout. This isn’t something that bothers me, because I’m making great gains with my strength and burpees, and I know I can’t prioritize everything. I don’t mind treating these LSS runs as a recovery/endurance base, but just an observation.


You’re under significant fatigue. But what’s cool is, so long as the effort remains high, improvements still occur, such that, once you let the fatigue recover, you can crush old records.

For my return to competition post ACL reconstruction, the most weight I had ever continentaled in training was a VERY hard fought 250lbs, and I couldn’t press it overhead. I was training first thing in the morning and generating a LOT of fatigue. Competition came around, I was recovered and competed later in the morning and hit an all time PR of 275lbs overhead AND continentaled 300lbs double overhand. Fatigue is crazy.

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That makes sense. I also feel mindset-wise like I can really push things hard for a shorter burst right now due to my current training style, but those longer, steady paced endurance activities just don’t gel as much. I also know, from experience, that you’re right and if I allowed recovery I would be able to get my running pace back up pretty much immediately (though not press 275 lbs overhead. That’s crazy!).

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Unrelated to the conversation, but this is one of the most beautiful use of commas I’ve seen in a while.


Yeah man I definitely felt that Airdyne ride last night.

To be fair the time wasn’t too bad however It was a tough slog. Aerobic base has definitely taken a hit

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AM work:

100 burpees, done as 10 EMOM

Well, it’s no 500. It got me thinking how I would try 500 with a goal of less than 1 hour.

10 EMOM for 10 minutes, then
8 EMOM for 50 minutes

I need to try this one of these days.


I went for sets of 50 on the first 4 then small chunked it into 25s from there on

Breaking the half way point fires the rockets up as well

Iron Wolf put me in his IG stories as well which put a spring in the old step

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Main workout

Back Squat 5’s PRO: 115, 155, 165, 205, 225, 265 lbs

For supplement/assistance I again did the Lynne WOD:

5 rounds of AMRAP of Bench Press (putting your bodyweight on the bar), take 3 deep breaths, then pull ups. Take 2 minutes between rounds.

Specifics: 175 lbs on the Bench; ring pull ups

Round 1: 28 reps of BP and 22 pull ups
Round 2: 22 reps of BP and 18 pull ups
Round 3: 19 reps of BP and 15 pull ups
Round 4: 15 reps of BP and 12 pull ups
Round 5: 14 reps of BP and 10 pull ups

Total = 175!! (Crushed my prior attempt, which was 150)

Notes: I had a number to shoot for each round, which made it easier to keep pushing. I wouldn’t be able to repeat this very often, but it’s definitely a fun challenge and a way to get in a lot of work in a relatively short timeframe.


Progress update:


Leaving for vacation tomorrow, so this will be my last barbell workout for about 10-11 days. Gonna do burpees, pull ups, and dips as my main training. I expect to be pretty active in the ocean and the hiking trails, so workouts will be adjusted accordingly.

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Cool! Glad you turned me on to him. I’ve checked is stuff out for form, ideas, and motivation. Great stuff.

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Wow man, looking incredibly buff

Here’s me thinking all that extra workload would have devoured all your muscle as well.

Great job my man. Exemplary

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Thanks for the encouragement, my man. It’s appreciated.

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