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Antiquity 2017 Training Goals


Here’s what I plan to accomplish this year:

  1. BP 300 lbs (best is 275)
  2. DL 400 lbs (best is 385)
  3. 10 Muscle ups (best is 8)
  4. 30 strict pull ups (best is 25)
  5. 5:30 minute mile (best is 5:40)

Also, I’d like to do a full, arms extended, back bridge.

I’ll turn 44 this year. 5’9" 172 (this morning’s weight). My plan is to use a progressive template like 915 to accomplish BP and DL goals. Use a pull up blitz plan to accomplish goals 3 and 4. For goal 5, I am going to start at .25 mile at that pace, increase to 0.5 mile near that pace until I get it, expand up to 0.75 mile, etc… I live right near a HS track, so logistically it is easy. I honestly don’t think I have the flexibility to get a full back bridge, although I currently work at it with hands slights raised of the floor.