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Antiperspirant Deodorant


So what is the deal with this stuff? Everytime I buy some that says "goes on clear" I end up with white goo all over. Anybody know of some that actually goes on clear?


Tom's of Maine. Stays clear! And it's natural. :smiley: (Always a bonus in my mind.)


Goes on clear. Comes off white.


Mitchum clear gel. (I prefer the unscented one). No such problems there.


If I'm not mistaken, Tom's is only a deadorant, not an anti-persperant. If you don't sweat much, that's not a big deal. But I HATE having sweaty pits, unless I'm outside sweating for a reason. Deodorant-only is not an option for me.


Not to mention made in my hometown. Yeah, Maine!


You know, I think you're right. My bad.


hey it's you! I might be going to CT for a wedding in the near future. Well, once they set a date. LOL!

So you live where I'm from and you're FROM where Tom's of Maine is based. You rock twice! :smiley:


Axe deodorant/anti-perspirant actually works fairly well, all except for the anti-perspirant part, I can't find ANYTHING that works in that department.



For me personally Degree for men works best. Between going to the gym and working in a kitchen im constantly sweating all day. By the time I get out of work its still working. I just wish more people at my gym used this stuff.


Let me tell you, I've tried all the deos out there and Old Spice High Endurance was the only one that keep my pits fresh for more than 4 hours. All my friends use it as well.


I wish more people at the gym felt that bathing should be a regular daily activity and that clothes able to stand by themselves should possibly be washed. Instead we get onion-foot-booty oder and shirts with permanent sweat stains.

Degree does work well as does whichever one it is with the "power stripe" and Terrell Owens on the commercial.


by the way, most anti-perspirants contain aluminum, and aluminum has been linked to alzheimers. just a good thing to know. i'm still gonna use it today tho for example cause i got a final exam. probably not in summer break.


I thought the aluminum/alzheimers link had been debunked long ago. Yes, people with alzheimers do have higher levels of aluminum in their brains, but so do lots of other people without alzheimers. No causal link has even been postulated, let alone proved. BTW, aluminum is one of the most common elements on the earth. In fact, earth (esp. clay) has heaps of aluminum in it. You probably got more exposure to it making mud pies as a toddler than you do from deodorants.


Yes, but as an adult you're deliberately putting it on pores that aren't exposed to the elements nearly as often as your hands are. Also, most adults don't make mudpies anymore - it usually stops around 8 years old or so, lasting only a few years, since you didn't likely begin till you were 3 or 4.

I don't use antiperspirant because of the aluminum and your body sweats to release toxins. Ok, some of us sweat more than others, and you gotta do whatcha gotta do. I understand this. But I also research the hell out of my choices and make the best decision for me and my family.


Gawd, you're paranoid.

From The Alzheimer's Society;


Nah - lots of allergies in the family. My kids, especially. It's for their health that I not have toxic or quesitonable stuff in the house. My son has multiple chemical sensitivities. shrug It's working for us.


Your body sweats to cool you off. Toxins are mainly filtered out into urine and feces.


Nothing beats Laquer thinner!Cuts right to the edge! Although, real men use Napalm in the morning!


well Aluminum ihibits magnesium absorption in the body (you can find tons of posts on this in the search engine, based on the Andro Wars article i think)...

so if you care about magensium or take ZMA you might wanna reconsider.