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Antioxidants & Insulin Sensitivity


I just came across this article and was interested to know what you guys thought?


I understand the benefits of taking antioxidants to combat free radical damage post exercise but this free radical stress post workout, appears to be the catalyst for other as yet unknown processes. By taking high levels of antioxidants, which have been proven to mop up free radicals now appear to have a negative impact on insulin sensitivity.

"Exposure to free radical stress strengthens or activates molecular defense systems against this stress, metabolising carbohydrates more efficiently, both of which prevents diabetes, and possibly other diseases! Short-term doses of free radicals may act like a vaccine, helping the body to defend itself from chronic stressors more efficiently by inducing a long-term adaptive response".

We use this same analogy when describing the process of training whereby the training in itself is a destrucitve process and it is only when we walk away from the gym does the process of rebuilding, in respone to the training, begin.


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