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Antioxidants After Training


Two questions

Is there a negative to eating antioxidant herbs and foods within a certain time frame after training like some recommend not having omega 3s for at least a couple of hours after training?

And also for health is it better not to consistently eat foods with the same antioxidants day after day as i think i saw some study or something saying it down regulates the bodys own antioxidant network?



Yes. Mega-dosing of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, or other antioxidants lead to decreased insulin sensitivity followed after exercise. (Source: too lazy to pull up, but visit longecity.org and search. Also check Google Scholar)

And OM-3s aren't antioxidants , they are actually pro-oxidants. Poly's oxidize easily. Omega 3's are good for you, but don't over do the polyunsats. Stick to Mono and saturated.



Specifically, #9

EDIT: Here's another article: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_nutrition/four_ways_to_jack_up_insulin_sensitivity

1... the study the other poster mentioned I believe


Ok cool, thanks for the input


Excellent thread.

If you want to read more into it:


Thanks for the link, has your view changed at all since an how do u structure your intake if at all?