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Antiobiotics and supplements

Hey guys.

I have one hell of bronchitis and I’m on antibiotics. Does HotRox, RedKat or Mag10 interferes with medication like Cypro?

I know HotRox and alcohol sure dont mix! So I wonder with antibiotics. No sense in getting fat and out of shape!

Thanx for the info

If your Bronchitis is anything like mine, you won’t wanna workout anyway (I usually have a Respitory infection when mine acts up) Save your supps untill you’re healed, but keep to a fairly decent diet. That will help the most.


Hey, I sell Cipro and another antibiotic called Avelox, which actually would be better for your bronchitis, but that’s a different post.

As far as I know none of the ingredients in any of those supplements would interact with Cipro. You do want to avoid antacids, multivitamins (with metal cations) and calcium with Cipro because those things limit the body’s absorption of the antibiotic. It won’t hurt you but the drug won’t work as well if you take them.

Also I’d be careful about weight training too intensely while taking Cipro. Cipro is in a class of antibiotics called Quinolones. Quinolones as a group have the potential to cause damage to tendons and weight-bearing joints. This is extremely rare but I think the chances would be greater when putting those tendons and joints under stress by running or weight training. I wouldn’t worry about it a whole lot but I would be careful. It might be a good idea to do some type of active rest for the 7-10 days you’re on the Cipro. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 10 days of light work is nothing compared to a damaged joint that could impact you for the rest of your weight-training life.

Let me know if you have any further questions.
Best wishes,

Thanx for the replies!

I’m into FORCED rest right now. I’m totally out of it. I was wondering still about Hot Rox especially, since it seems to mix in werid ways with other substances.

I cant wait to get back to it though.