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antidepressants and lifting

I am about to start taking wellbutrin for depression. Does anybody know if this will affect me in the weight room?

From what I understand, most antidepressents, in one form or another contain some type of stimulant. I have known a few people who were taking antidepressants and have never had any negative side effects in correlation with weight training. In fact, weight training and exercise in some individuals can be helpful in reducing depression and stress. This was the case for my father, who now hits the gym regularly.

astdjm is right on the money


No problem in the weight room. Stay focused when you weight train. While Wellbutrin is going to help you in the hard initial stage of depression, weighttraining will be your HUGE antidepressant for the rest of your life.

I take 300mg’s of Wellbutrin a day and it has not had a negative affect on my lifting. It keeps my mind in check so that I can enjoy lifting and use the physical exercise as another form of antidepressant.

i did a little research and found that the main chemical in wellbutrin,bupropin, has the same structure chemically as amphetamines and MDMA. Just thought i’d share that. No i can crush and snort 'em and get jacked up outta my skull. Just kidding

ok so its been a while since i did any research on drugs aside from performance enhancers but isn’t MDMA the chemical in exstacy?
please correct me if I’m wrong.

used to take effexor at 150mg per day and never had any problems.

One of my clients has taken a few anti-depressents and a few of them have caused a loss of appetite for him. This would definitely affect your training/gains.

yeah MDMA is. bupropin is in the same chemical family. Also, another interesting point, its 3D molecule structure is very similar to cocaine

your right angel. It is the chemical in ecstacy. Also bupropin’s 3D molecule structure is very similar to that of coke.