antidepressants and ECA's

hey guys…i’ve done some searches and read about how one should really avoid hot rox and stuff like T2 when you’re on an antidepressant…but what if you’re on an AD strictly for high anxiety symptoms? no depression whatsoever… (specifically Lexapro and Buspar (an anti-anxiety drug). i know it sounds a bit nuts to take something that amps you up when you already have anxiety problems but a good ECA really kicks my butt in the morning to get into the gym and i wanted to start it up again to really get some effective morning fat-loss workouts started … headed to Hawaii and the Bahamas this winter!! :slight_smile:

the ECA was great for a positive kick in the pants in the morning…but i don’t wanna screw with my brain more than i already am if it’s going to cause some kind of problem.

so do any of you medicated folks out there have any warnings or should i go for it?

sorry to be incredibly rude , but why are so many americans on psychiatric drugs?
The only people (bar one) i know on mental pils are americans. do you people have problems dealing with every day life, or just watch to much day time talk shows?
i find it quite distrubing…

hm. why is it the last time i posted about something like this i got an even worse smartass remark? my question was about drug interaction…not the psychiatric stability of the entire nation. i can’t answer your question.

I can’t answer it either, except to say the worlds messed up. My wife had some friends over the other night, and after the convo turned to antidepressants she learned that she was the only one of the six that wasn’t on antidepressants. Not just the states, Canada too. Everbody seems to have a reason to be on them. I feel they’re being overprescribed.

In faith, Billy

you probably know this, but stimulants lower seritonin levels…and therefore, decrease the effect of antidepressants taken to effect seritonin levels…this usually results in a hard “crash” when the stimulant wears off…and, to get back “up” more stimulants are required…thus a vicious cycle…but I wonder if xanax (anti-anxiety), which doesn’t have all the side effects of anti-depressants might be more effective for your anxiety issues while not being so vulnerable to stimulants?
…if not, then consider other supplements/stimulants??? such as power drive, clenbuterol, appetite suppressants…they may work differently for you than the others you’ve taken.
Lastly, consider a complete hormone panel, i.e. thyroid, test, est, growth hormone, to make sure your hormonal levels don’t interfere with your fitness goals…just some thoughts from the passing scene, hope this helps.

Whetu it’s our doctors (not really thier fault) and our fucking pharmaceutical companies. I got perscribed prozac for depression later I dropped it to find out the GYM, a well rounded diet, and a little sun worked ten times better. As for the ECA stack, I’d actually think it could be even more destructive for someone with anxiety so I wouldn’t suggest it.

I find ECA and amphetamines lower my anxiety, maybe that helps with your question.

        I can't tell you anything offical, just a personal anecdote. I have been on ADs for years(~10), and have also tried many thermogenics, including Hot Rox. I always start with a low dose and monitor myself closely. As I increase the dose I just make sure I'm not experiencing any adverse effects (ie increased anxiety,sleep changes) and taper off at the end  too, gradually reducing doses. I haven't had any problems, so give it a try. You know your body and mind better than anybody else ever will. 

Now, to everybody making comments about the prevalence of mental disorders and psychaitric drugs, let me ask you, would you behave this way if it was diabetes we were talking about, or high blood pressure? Yes, Whetu, lots of North Americans are on these types of drugs, but so are we on blood pressure lowering drugs, diabetes controlling insulin, cholesterol stains, etc. What of it? We have reasonable medical access (quite good in Canada) so why suffer if you have a true problem? I agree that many people are put on psychaitric drugs as a first resort to unhappiness, when truely they should be a last resort. We’re lazy, I’ll admit that. RS Rising, I agree, sunshine and good diet and working out are excellent depression fighters, however when they fail,and all else does fail, well, some of us do indeed have a chemical imbalace that needs to be addressed, just like a thyroid problem.

I’m totally open about my condition because I feel mental illness really needs to come out of the closet. As you all have mentioned, loads of people suffer some sort of disorder (or think thy do), so why not help your friends and relatives shed the stigma of being ‘mentally ill’ and accept the brain as just another body part, that gets sick like any other?

Zan, I didn’t say he didn’t need it I was trying to give Whetu some idea of why it happens so much here. I know plenty of people that do benefit from them. But I also know quite a few people who have everyday problems stemming from behavior or diet that get perscribed things that usually don’t even work that well.

RS Rising, I understand, I wasn’t attacking you, I just want others to understand that sometimes the natural alternatives aren’t enough. And I really agree that many people get the drugs because it’s easier than doing the work to figure out why they have these problems. Kind of like taking 'roids rather than train hard and eat clean. I see most psychaitric drugs as band-aids, unless you’ve put the work in to sort out the rest and you still have symptoms (that would be me).

Whetu: I am as disturbed by your spelling as you are about the psychiatric situation in the US. Can we fix that while getting the Americans off the “mental pills”

Agree with Zan…start low and see how you feel. Everyone is different, but if you have used thermogenics before you should know what to expect.