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So, I’m fighting a bronchial infection right in the middle of a cycle of Cyp and EQ. I have been prescribed Biaxin and remember hearing about the negative effects antibiotics have in interfering with AS actions. Any of you out there have any knowledge on this? I am not stopping the cycle but need to beat this cough, What are the ill-effects of a 10 day stint of Biaxin in regards to my AS?

Antibiotics interfere with enterohepatic recycling which can cause steroids to have less effect.

I’m no doctor or scientist, so I have no idea how much of an effect based on the dosage and amount of time taken.

I will add this though. Antibiotics are one of the most overprescribed drugs. Doctors use them as a quick fix for things that really don’t warrant the use of an antibiotic. You may want to search for some more natural remedies.

Dude, you will be fine. You are not going to take enough antibiotic to diminish your androgen level significantly. I get sick all the time during cycles and I take antibiotics. Bodybuilders are quite prone to chest infections even if they are taking anabolics(including deca). The main thing is getting over the infection so you can train normally again.