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Antibiotics Impair AA's Effects?


Can anyone tell me if antibiotics will counter or impair the effects of steroids?i know that they can make the pill ineffective,was wondering if the same applies to AA"S.run a search and cant find much on it though.Any one any wiser?I ask because i was to start a cycle shortly but have a tooth infection hence the antibiotics.should i just wait till the course is complete,then start the cycle?thanks


Call your doctor or your pharmacist...they'll have the answer for sure and you won't have to trust someone from the internet you don't even know and don't even know their credentials.


taken from a steroid website: this addresses acne specificaly but you get the idea,I believe this is true of most antibiotics....any other thoughts guys? P-22?

Tetracycline and anabolic steroids do not go well together. Tetracycline is a broad spectrum antibiotic that has many purposes. It works primarily by inhibiting protein synthesis. Since Tetracycline does exhibit this anti-anabolic effect, it is working in the opposite direction of the anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids increase protein synthesis and can encourage bacteria growth which often aggravates acne. Tetracycline may inhibit the functions of the anabolic steroids, or the anabolic steroids may inhibit the effects of the Tetracycline. Rather than try to examine which drug would come out on top, it seems the easiest solution is to not use Tetracycline while taking anabolic steroids. Other ways that athletes have been able to control acne that is caused by the use of steroids include: showering more frequently, using prescription soaps, using tanning beds, by using Retin-A and the last course might involve using Accutane, a prescription acne medication.


damn Im taking tetracycline for acne right now. It is the only thing other than accutane that works for me because of the type of acne I have (more internal than external).

Am I definately not getting the workout results I would if I wasnt taking tetracycline? Are the effects really that potent?


Rubbish. First and foremost it's not true of most antibiotics only those that work to block protein synthesis. Second it's only when present in high concentrations as tetracyclines and close derivatives are selective in that they are absorbed in to bacterial cells while having poor permeability with mammalian the cell membrane. All antibiotics are selective towards these bacterial cells versus mammalian cells in one way or another. If they weren't, we'd be in much more serious trouble when taking them. The higher the concentration, the more may enter mammalian cells and only then inhibits mammalian protein synthesis. It's true that these particular antibiotics may interfere with parenteral nutrition by inhibiting utilization of amino acids for protein synthesis but that is only a worry for patients receiving it in the first place! Healthy bodybuilders consuming hundreds of grams of protein per day are hardly the same as a malnourished post operative patient.
The statement that steroids cause acne by increasing protein synthesis sounds suspect as well. Ah, the Internet!


I was taking tetracyclines (minocycline) during my Sustanon/DBol cycle, and I still gained 16 solid lbs.

Maybe I might have gained an extra pound or two without the antibiotics? I don't know, but the post above says that they don't really interfere with anabolic action in the muscles. I always thought tetracyclines targeted protein synthesis in the skin.


Agreed (with the above statement) Antibiotics are receptor specific and only to the target species of bacteria usually. I.e. gram negative, or gram positive, aerobic/ anerobic - micro is pretty complicated however the only real side effects that humans experience usually are those due to the body's normal flora of organisms being destroyed and the balance being upset, which can cause oportunistic infections.
There are some antibiotics such as gentamycin that blood levels have to be kept close watch on to avoid toxic levels of course then other drugs, due to the risk of ototoxicity. However this drug isn't one of them.


I took a Z pac During my first cycle and fucked it up. I just get them to slip me some decadron in the hip and that seems to take care of me.

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