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Antibiotics and 'Movements'

Ok, the strangest thing has happened and I’m certain I can’t be the only one.

This dates back prior to my coming here.

I have bone chips in my elbow from years of hockey, and a month or so ago one of them punctured the bursa in my elbow, causing this infection called cellulitis eventually. Long story short, they put me on a course of antibiotics - it was actual IV antibiotics for a while, then a ten day course of oral (giggity) antibiotics.

Prior to that I had what you’d call a sluggish digestive system…like a movement every three days type sluggish.

Now, since on the AB’s, it’s clockwork. Every day. Between 9 and 930 am. Without fail. It’s such a great coinciding element to my weight loss, but more importantly, I just feel so much healthier!

Anyone else have any experience with this?

I think it usually works the other way around. Must have had a bad set of bugs camped out in your intestines. You drink often or eat any yogurt?

what does drinking often have to do with it?

[quote]bwbski wrote:
what does drinking often have to do with it?[/quote]

It can mess up the bacteria that live in your gut - killing helpful bacteria and allowing harmful bacteria to get a foothold. Everyone’s different though.

Drink often - no, in fact I never drink at all.

Assuming you meant alcohol, that is.

That does seem like a plausible explaination, though.

Kinda makes me shudder a little bit.

If your old ways return, try taking a decent probiotic and perhaps think about changing your diet a bit too.

AB (certain ‘general’ ones) usually mess me up by killing the bacteria in my intestine, so i always take probiotics with them, and for a period (week or so) afterwards.

I once ate 8oz of rare tuna for dinner on day 8 or 9 of a course of and AB and let’s just say I won’t be doing that again in a hurry!