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Anti-Winter Boredom Advice?

CT - The winter time starts to make me a little stir crazy… usually I end up bored and/or get training ADD. Are there any sets/rep schemes on the main lift that you would consider “fun” or “novel “ for a 2B with some 2A qualities when hypertrophy is the primary goal?

What is fun for someone might be boring for someone else, so it’s hard for me to answer that question. I like wave loading, (for hypertrophy it could be 7/5/3/7/5/3) but not everybody has the same taste.

This article might help… https://www.t-nation.com/training/22-proven-rep-schemes

Thanks I re-read that article. I’ve always thought ratchet loading looked interesting/fun, is 3/5 too low for a 2B? Never tried it.

I also always enjoyed ramping but found over time that even a 3RM was almost too neurally stimulating for me and would burn me out.

And with wave loading, about what percentage would you start with for 7/5/3? To be honest though I’m not really a fan of percentage based schemes, but it’d give me a starting point.