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Anti-Spyware Advice Needed


Ok, my home computer mysteriously caught some virus and now it's FUBAR. Obviously I have no idea how it got on there, haha. It'll boot up, but that's about it. Is there any software available that I can buy in a store that will help me out? I ask that because I can't download software from the only other computer I have available.

It's a Sony Vaio with XP that's about 6 years old if that helps.


Is there anyone who can download a few things and put them on CD for you?

The reason is, you'll pay a shit load for a commercial anti-virus / anti-spyware package that isn't guaranteed to remove the infection, or you can download a few programs that won't cost you anything (apart from possibly a favour) and have a better chance of working.


you can buy software at all sorts of stores...but they are wicked expensive in comparison to some tings that you download.

there is a free anti-virus one too...i'll see if i can get the name from my friend later today (it's early)


I don't mind paying since it's either that or a new computer, which is an option since this one's older than dirt. I kind of have Mac on the brain.

I'm waiting to hear back from one of my friend's who's more computer savy so he may be able to help.


nm i found the info in my gmail log



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How valuable is the stuff on there at the moment?

You could throw in the XP install disk and attempt a recovery, but I would be hesitant to suggest software for you to buy since, as mentioned above, it may not work.

I would suggest Eset Smart Security for an antivirus. Can you CTRL + ALT + Delete and view the task manager? If so, go get something called Hijack This! and post a log of what's running in there.

If you aren't worried about the data on there, then get a copy of XP and reload the bugger.


good antivirus programs with free personal editions: avast!, avg8

anti-spyware programs: lavasoft adaware, spybot S&D

i'd run both anti spyware programs. sometimes one or the other misses, but they both do pretty well.

if you use firefox, install the noscript and adblock plus addons. adblock plus cuts out advertisements and can speed up your browsing experience. noscript prevents nasty scripts from running if you're in a seedy part of the internet.


Mine is just as old and having the same problems. I've gotten viruses and reformatted 2 times so far.....and the sound card is busted. So since its' 6-7yrs old its time to think 'new computer' too

i'm looking into the dell 10.1" laptop. but the mac has a lot of good going for it...


I'm starting to lean towards your suggestion, since the only things on there are some photos I took and aren't all that important.

Thanks for the advice everyone.


I see no reason spending so much money on a Mac, unless it's going to make you money.

I just bought a refurbed laptop because I was made aware that my old one was manufactured with a fault and was due to fail again (it had failed twice before). Cost me $600, and it has a 15.4" screen, 4gb Ram, HDMI port, Bluray and looks the business. Plus it came with a one year warranty.


I use AVG8 as well and love it. It doesn't bog down my system at all.

Thanks for the Avast! mention. I hadn't heard of it and I'm downloading it now.

I've used Spybot S&D and Ad-aware in the past for spyware. Both are good, but I prefer Spyware Doctor.


If you can get someone to download and give you the programs mentioned (spybot, adaware, avg, etc.). those are generally better than what you can buy in a store.

sometimes reinstalling windows/formatting your harddrive is a quicker solution. The process isn't hard. You should be able to google for a step-by-step process on how to format if you have a windows installation CD.

after you get back up and running, you should download all of these programs mentioned and backup the program executable to a usb flash drive or cd just in case you get a virus again :slight_smile:


avg antivirus is free, as is adaware, spybot search and destroy, and ccleaner just to name a few. You can buy all-inclusive suites from stores anywhere from 29.99 to 99.99


stay away from dirty sites and you won't need any of it.


Definately go with AVG 8 Free. In regards to formatting, make sure you have all of your drivers first on a disk or jump drive, or if you have the original disk(s). Nothing worse than wiping your hard drive clean, doing a fresh install, and then have your LAN, wireless, video, audio, and some chipset drivers not working.

A format is the only sure fire way to completely remove the threat though.


BitDefender online scan is awesome (and FREE)
I strongly recommend u to check it out.

And make sure to scan also your USB pens, I've noticed they get infected very easely.


wow, I didn't see anyone suggest malwarebytes!



Malware is good.
Panda anti virus is the best!!!!!!!!!1
Dr. Tim