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Anti-Racism Justified or Overbearing?


this thread is in reference to something i see come up frequently on T-Nation, and all over, and was wondering where everyone stands on the point
i was going to reply in "FUNNY THINGS BLACK PEOPLE DO" thread, but decided it comes up enough that it deserves its own thread rather than cluttering up another one

Please be respectful as this is one of the largest actual problems when these things are discussed, not the fact that we are different from each other
so i was hoping that we could all exchange ideas in a place where everyone can say their piece, and hopefully we'll have a bit more insight (for those interested

of course if we're coming from different places, with different experiences we'll not always agree...but we are never going to fucking agree on everything, and we should be able to accept to accept this, but it seems to be suprisingly difficult for many

from what i've seen, people who are so adamant to make sure no one is ever offended or even acknowledge that different people are different (whether it be individual or to try to assosiate one self with a certain image) are way more of a problem then the people who can mention it without getting all up in arms but see that the details dont make up the person (or groups/colours of persons) and laugh with each other when its there turn to be the centre of the

personally, i would WAY rather hear somebody mention something that(may or may not be true, or it may be a regional thing) that i havn't thought of before, or make a joke about white people to my face (provided it is not delivered in hostility) than have 100 whiney bitches afraid that somebody might take something the wrong way

i cant see imagine that when people stop using logic as to whether or not something is actually offensive or not as possibly helping any problem.
IF we're truely trying to erradicate a problem(racism?) , rather then just looking for an excuse to get mad. i dont think that this issue is limited to race in any way, and that it overlaps into many other areas but as this is getting long, i'll try to keep it just to that

.....BUT i will say This... - if everyone stopped looking for excuses to get angry (myself included if tired/hungry/whatever), we'd all be doin alot better


I'm sorry...I'm lost. Could you please point me to the proportionally equal in number statements made on this forum about the negative things "white people" do? I can't seem to find any and there must be at least one that holds the same contempt...the same avoidance of joviality...for you to have a point at all.


Has anyone ever noticed how Canadians are a bunch of preachy little fairies?

I think the big problem from the original thread (which I'm still reading, btw) is that the OP was trying to use an extremely small sample population as a representative of the entire race.

...for something that really isn't that funny.

edit: and I can see how the whole "oh, they're just trying to get injured so they can leech off the system" thing can get under someone's skin.


Yet this OP is questioning the validity of those that are offended instead of the ignorance of others. Ignorance and generalizations breed the problems with racism.


So by attacking anti-racism you might as well say you support racism.


op, word of advice: stfu


Am I the only one who finds all of this seriously funny?

I mean, in the end, this is just the internet, when people start caring what people talk about on a friggin' forum this much it's just too funny.

Sometimes I think people get too attached to this forum in general, like it's a pseudo life on theirs.


So you already know "Then why do you give a shit?" is coming your way,right?


I do not find it funny. Ignorance breeds ignornace no matter where it takes place. And to be indifferent to the situation solves nothing. I do not wish to stand by and live in a world where we let ignorance destroy us.


People are actually honest about their feelings on the internet, that is why it is a big deal. None of the racist people around here speak their minds in real life, unless you are in a room full of white people, then shit starts flying.


I don't think it's funny either. Yes, it's just an internet forum but these posts represent people's thoughts. I read your thoughts to be "So what if other people are hurt? It's not me and it's not someone I know."


Then you're misreading me, it's not that I don't care if peoples feelings are being hurt, I'm part black myself, who knows maybe I'm just an insensitive bastard for not being offended or going on a written tantrum, when someone displays ignorance towards race, I get enough of that in real life.

Btw, I'm not finding the topic funny per se, but rather how one topic, can spawn additional topics throughout a forum.

Yeah I did expect that to come my way, but sometimes I feel like talking crap, Big_Boss, I'm a rebel.


I was going to post something constructive, but I'm too busy passing out racist flyers at Wal Mart parking lot.


It's all good........my brotha. :wink:


Cmon, isn't the irony in this post obvious?


everyone needs to stop crying...this is fucking T-Nation.


You mean, so obvious that it had to be intentional?

Yes, you're right.


ah yeah, I've been doing that all afternoon in the other thread. Only got called out once by the angry teenager that sent me a PM about how he wasn't a racist...


Everyone is fucking racist. Idk why people try to deny this fact. Some are more extreme then others.

And no i'm not a skin head or KKK or w/e, two of my closest friends (like brothers to me) are both half black.

I'm being real, some of you need to stop trying to act like your holy saints.


Congratulations, you are an idiot.