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My question is, is it REALLY worth it? I’m not a steroid user. I’ll use the legal “pro hormones” on the market every once in a while but for the most part I am looking to naturally maximize test and the body’s anabolic environment.

I do have natural eatrogen related problems like fat and water retention in the chest and belly. I was looking at Cabergoline. Is it worth the price? What kind of effects does it have on anabolism and test levels?

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^ very good post, and another one that works better for estrogen is arimididex. Either nolva or arimidex.

Anti prolactin products like dostinex are worth it if you are prolactin prone and have constant prolactin side effects from products like trenbolone. This will not be the case for many, but there are a number of people who will need anti prolactin products during their cycles.


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I know that prolactin is one of the hormones that causes lactation in women. I thought it also contributed a little to water retention…

i would say no.

If you had a prolactin problem you would have a legitimate problem requiring medical attention.

I would discourage you from automatically assuming you have a elevated estrogem problem due to puffiness in some fat pockets on your body especially when you don’t cycle using AS.

Go on a tight diet for a few weeks and see how those packets shrink.

There could be dozens of reasons why your getting puffiness in those areas.

It’s possible that your eating more then you’re burning off and those areas may by in deposit mode.

You could be overtrained and thus causing your body to deposit fat due to, well…Overtraining. So some rest may be in order.

Your estrogen may indeed be a little elevated from the pro-hormones.

I would recommend you eat less, rest more for a week or two and see what happens.