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Anti-Munchie Strategies and Cannabis

Have any of you occasional (once a week, once every two weeks maybe) pot-smokers figured out a way to avoid the munchies? I like the effect of this substance, but have decided that the ensuing binges make it a worthless endeavor. Someone once wrote about taking MD6 before smoking, but I don’t like the idea because smoking raises your heart rate enough as it is. I tried 5-HTP once and I think it worked…just wondering if anyone has thoughts on this?

I don’t know if I would qualify for occasional, but I had to resort to removing almost all easy snacks from my apartment. I mean anything that takes effort to prepare is safe since I won’t do shit to prepare food afterwards. I did find that I take in about 50% more grams of protein because I plow the shit out of protein shakes…

Another thing is I unhook my video game system beforehand so I end up playing with dumbbells instead. A couple hours of sitting there doing curls and tricep extensions is better than nothing…Who says it’s bad for you??

I know, last night I had 3/4 pound of pistachios, 2 huge butterfingers, a chicken breast, a biscuit, some potato chips, and maybe 1/4 bad of cheetos + maybe 5 small granny smith apples in the span of 3-4 hours. I have no control when I smoke. Food just becomes so good. I think there is a tale in some book where this ambrosia was so good that the guy couldnt stop eating, thats me! Help

Chris, I haven’t smoked for a couple of years, but for some reason you are making it sound like I just might try it again - might be good for a bulking phase :slight_smile:

Just change your availble food. Eat protien bars instead of potato chips. Keeps some creatine chews around the house. I get the munchies big time when I am just sitting around the house. If I am active, I don’t have a problem with it. I used to make it a point to smoke a little before gym time. Boy did I get good work outs. I was in great shape. I concentrated like no tommorow in the gym, I did not feel lazy or anything like that. So I suggest change your enviroment. Smoke and then work out, go hiking, go to the local bar and drink too much… ummm, scratch that last one. If you are physically active, you won’t get the munchies.
I have found weed to be a good bodybuilding tool, at least for me. As you can imagine, I have recieved much criticism for that line of thought, even here at Testosterone. I don’t care if anybody believes me, it works for me, and hence gives me an edge. What was I just saying?..Damn, I am getting hungry!

You could try changing the strain of the weed your smoking too. I really only get the munchies when I smoke commercial shit. Shit like blueberry, grapefruit, and ak-47 just don;t give me anything but a killer high, and zero munchies.

I’ve found the best way to avoid the munchies is to not start eating in the first place. If you are not starving just convince yourself that you don’t need to eat. If you MUST eat however, go for low carbs (obviously)…cook something healthy or have a protien shake. I know when you’re munching you want something sweet, greasy or salty, if you can mange to consume something thats good for you you’ll end up doing less damage.

Try to fill up on the healthy things before hand. Eating a protein bar while high is very unappetizing. But eat a healthy meal beforehand to eliminate cravings afterwards.

pat- I just want you to know you’re not the only one who finds that a few pre-gym tokes gives you an edge. I don’t know why, but a nice buzz lets me concentrate a lot more on what I’m doing instead of whats going on around me. I just get into a zone. And that lets me lift heaver weights for more reps.
I’m also friends with a few bodybuilders and powerlifters who feel the same way.

I can just see the next anti-drug slogan now: