Anti-Motivational Poster

hey, ran into a site with a shit load of these and some are so awsome… Post if you have any



I have way too many

That last one… LOL!!

That seduction one is hilarious.

but my favorite is this (so apropos here at work)which is my wallpaper lol

I like the snake one lol

There was a thread a while back where a bunch of these were posted (I deleted them off my computer since that time).

That being said, this one is my background. Stupid, I know. But, for some reason, it makes me smile every time I see it.

Still my favorite.


If you graduate Starfleet Academy and they issue you a red shirt, chances are you’re not looking at a long career.


Uh possibly my favorite, so stupid yet I laughed so hard



this makes up for it


so true…

[quote]dday wrote:
Still my favorite.[/quote]

I’m sorta sad that the guy in any movie or show who’s name is ricky dies