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With the discussions i’ve read in the manorexia thread, i’ve figured that this would be a good time to break my T-Nation cherry and post something on this site. Now i know this might have been asked before, but with all the discussion of these non T-Man/girlie man goals, what are the current and long-term goals of the “true” T-Men out there, be it strength, body building, or nailing several t-vixens(sorry if that offends anyone but i laughed out loud thinking of that).

To start things i would just like to say that my long-term goal is to get so damn huge that i could make Dave Tate shit his pants by just glaring at him. But in the short term i would just be happy to get my body fat low enough that i only have pecs and not small man boobs, because while the ladies seem to love playing with them i still don’t seem to like having them.

i hope to hear from all of you and that you all reach your goals.

An Elite total in the USAPL. Nuff said.

Right now I’d like to get my bodyfat down. My goal, at least for now, is to look like Charles Atlas. Corny, I know… but he was my height (5’10") and what I consider an attainable weight (180 at low bodyfat).