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Anti Inflammatory Supplements Timing

I was just reading TC’s article on acute and chronic inflammation.

When avoiding anti inflammatory supplements post training, how long is sufficient? I typically have a 30g. Mag-10 1 hour post training, then a solid meal 2 hours after that which sometimes contains anti inflammatory supplements (e.g., curcumin, joint supplements, fish oil, etc.).

Is three hours post training sufficient, or are we talking a much longer time to avoid anti inflammatory supplements post training?

Really, no response?

There probably isn’t data/studies on that specific of a question. 3 hours seems reasonable to me but the differences you are talking about is probably too small to worry about unless you are competing or trying to make a living with it.

Agreed with, @DoubleDuce. I happen to delay mine until roughly five or six hours post training, but that’s just because it’s convenient for my schedule.