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Anti Inflammatory Ideas Before Surgery?


I have either a torn labrum or biceps tendon according to my specialist. I've had mri's including the dye injected ones. cortisone injections only helped for a short period of time. I guess i'm just looking for some ideas b/c any pressing i do whether db or bb, incline, flat, or decline hurts. It has its days.

I take nsaids which i dont like to take too often, ice it every day, warm up well before lifts and stretch it often throughout the day. I have pinched nerves running up and down my arm from fingertips all the way to the back of my head. Only on the left side which is the side of the injury. I use a foam roller, and also a heavier cardboard one that digs everything out better IMO. Any help from you guys would be great. Thanks a bunch.



Mate, might be worth investigating your diet a bit, I just wrote a bit about this in this forum. I too have had bicep tendon/rotator cuff issues in both shoulders, now feeling fine.

Hope you get it sorted


I have a frayed Labrum and associated tendonitis. What really helped me with presses was when I just said “the hell with keeping it the same on both sides”. I started doing single arm chest presses at 100% on the left side and whatever I could do on the right side. Some days that was nothing but I quickly started seeing improvements when I hadn’t before and after about a year I was at 100% on both sides (for dumbbell flat presses).

It seemed to help because I would have my free hand to assist with getting the dumbbell into position. For me the most painful part was rocking the weight up. It also seemed to help by some other pathway I can only guess at. Nervous system activation or some kind of metabolic need for symmetry, I don’t know but it worked.

Now if I could just get over this Trap injury…