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Anti Inflammatory Diet


1)What are your thoughts on an anti inflammatory diet? What foods should be eaten? Protein,carbs, fats which should be avoided? What about macro ratios?

I am aware that google can provide certain answers but, people writing those articles are not as knowledgeable as they always mention nuts when the fat ratio is largely in favor of omega-6’s.


I eat an anti-inflammatory diet for psoriasis, so it is a bit more strict than a basic one. Basically, I eat super clean all week long with 1 meal on the weekend of my choice. I usually will crush a pizza with a dark beer, pancakes and sausage, bacon cheeseburger or something along those lines. i usually feel like I’m having an orgasm when I eat those “cheat” meals.

However, for the rest of my week I eat literally nothing but:
-Chicken (baked or grilled)
-Amaranth and other pseudo grains
-Steel cut oats
-Olive oil only

The big thing in my diet that I stay away from are…
-No vegetable/soy oils, canola oil, peanut oil, etc.
-No processed foods.
-No bread, no pasta.
-No red meats. Not even pork.
-No eggs.
-No dairy.
-No nuts.
-No white potatoes.
-No alcohol.
-No whey/casein protein products. I found these actually flare my shit up.

Amaranth has been a life saver for me (as a lifter) for a quality carb source. I literally eat 1 pound every day. I cook a big pot in the morning and store it in pyrex dishes and eat it several times a day. Another thing I do is juice with a cold press juicer every single morning.

I will usually juice:
3 cups spinach
3 carrots
1 apple
1 orange or some fresh pineapple if I have one

For me, I try to keep my omega 3 ratio as high as possible, as I found when I consume foods dominant in certain types of omega-6s it can cause flare ups (inflammation). Everything I consume during the week comes from whole food organic sources (with the exception of my chicken, I can’t afford organic chicken in the amounts that I eat) and I cook/make everything myself. It can be a huge pain in the ass and when I first stated doing this it was sort of depressing but I have grown to actually like it because I feel so much better. I didn’t realize how shitty certain foods were making me feel.

I’m sure you don’t have an auto-immune issue like I do, so you might not need to be as strict, but hope this helps some. Also, to be perfectly honest, if I didn’t have psoriasis, I would probably still be eating fast food, pizza and mexican food every day.


Where do you get it, how do you prepare it, what do you pair it with?


Why no white potatoes? Does that include all or just russet?


weirdly, pork is the only red meat I can’t tolerate. A few slices of bacon here or there I can handle, but a whole pork chop or something like that fucks me up.


I recommend doing an elimination diet. It quite literally changed my life.


@Hostile, I luckily can get it from my local grocery store, but not all stores stock it. You will definitely find it in one of those weird health food stores like Whole Foods or something, it would be with the quinoa and buckwheat more than likely. Also, I have found it online of course.

I cook it very similar to rice, but I stir it every so often as it takes on a thick porridge type consistency. I eat it plain, the only ingredients I use are water and amaranth-- 3 cups of water to 1 cup of amaranth. Boil the water, add the amaranth, reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring occasionally and then more frequently at the end of cooking.

I eat it with everything and sometimes by itself, it has 9g of protein in 1 cup.

@Rhye, So the white potatoes have nothing to do with inflammation in general that I know of, but rather my psoriasis specifically. They are unfortunately one of those things that I have found aggravate it some and I haven’t really experimented much with all potatoes, but I can eat sweet potatoes. I am still refining my diet, as it takes a long time to figure out what triggers my psoriasis and what doesn’t. This has been over a year of experimenting and researching to get to where I am.

@Yogi1, Interesting, what happens when you eat pork?


I eat a lot of buckwheat groats blended into shakes as a carb source. To you prefer it over buckwheat?


you don’t want to know!


Yes, I don’t really care for buckwheat all that much. The amaranth I enjoy eating in a bowl by itself.