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Anti- inflammatories

I read a Dr Fred Hatfield book (“Hardcore Bodybuilding - a Scientific Approach”) a few years back. He said that common aspirin taken straight after a workout was a decently anabolic agent (for something cheap, safe and legal). Apparently it acts as a vasodilator, and anti- inflammatory, allowing a) faster uptake of nutrients, b) removal of toxins and waste products from the muscle at a faster rate and c) allows the tissue to begin reparing sooner. I tried 1000mg post workout for a month or so, but didn’t notice anything. Was this too low a dose? Should I have used stronger anti- inflammatories, or do they need to be taken around the clock, not just post workout? Or is this whole idea up there with his other theory - don’t eat for 2 hours after a workout ie. a crock of it? Any feedback?

Bud, the idea of taking aspirin as an anabolic is absurd. Don’t do it. First, aspirin has demonstrated the ability to inhibit testosterone production. Next, it’s still a controversial subject on whether NSAIDs help or hinder the recovery process. To the contrary of what you read, the process of inflammation is necessary in order to remove cellular debris. The process also causes the blood vessels to dilate, and blood flow as well as permeability to increase. Throw in the fact that aspirin can cause gastrointestinal bleeding and I think you have the perfect killer. Joking. Still, I don’t think it’s something that should be used as a “supplement”.

Crazy ol’ Dr. Scott Connelly used to have a theory (and he’s not the first to have said this) that the inflammatory response was essential in spurring satellite cells to morph into muscle cells. So, if you took that inflammatory response out of the equation by taking aspirin, you were preventing new muscle cells from potentially forming.

Hatfield had a lot of weird, bizarre, and
downright stupid and wrong theories and
recommendations. The “aspirin as an anabolic”
one is just another one of those ideas of his.
Worse even, really, than the “oxygenated drinks” idea.

cheers, great to know you guys got my back. Guess I better flag the NSAIDs, and switch to SAIDs instead huh?

I’ll assume that was a sincere question about using SAIDs, in which case it would even more destructive to your T and recovery.Stay the hell away from cortisone, prednisone…