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Anti-Inflammatories and Hypertrophy


A few weeks ago I performed a DB shoulder press without using back support for the first(and last)time only to feel a "click" in the bottom of my spine. It hurt slightly but it wasn't until the next day that it hurt like a bitch. For some reason it has come back now more painfull than ever.

Q. Do anti-inflamatories have a negative affect on hypertrophy?

I read somewhere that they do but I also read conflicting information somewhere else.


Dude if your back hurts, screw hypertrophy, do something about it.
We're lucky, we live in australia. We have medicare. We have doctors that bulk bill.

I hurt my back a few weeks ago, and had to take 3 and half weeks off from all training. I loaded myself up on anti-inflamatories, pain killers and carried a heat pack around. Was it bad for hypertrophy? Hell yes, it was bad for my strength, too. I feel like a little girl getting back into the gym. And the now the DOMS is nearly killing me.

But I figure, you just don't mess with back injuries, it's not worth the chance that it develops into a serious problem.



go get your back checked out pronto. and it depends what anti-inflamatories you use


I personally don't think fish oil would be bad for hypertrophy infact i think it helps it, but even if it makes it worse id still take it.


Dude... Go get your back checked out A.S.A.P. I hurt my back on a job once while doing something that was against policy, but heavily encouraged by the manager and reality. Because it was against policy (and I was a retard), I didn't report it. And I didn't have insurance, so I didn't get it looked at.

That was almost 20 years ago. I still have back problems directly related to it. As others have said, screw hypertrophy. You'll have plenty of time to catch up if you take care of this. If you don't, you might lose years of hypertrophy by not being able to train right for the rest of your life.



I'm not gonna let a slipped disc get in the way of my goals !

Nah, you're all absolutely right. I've had a back injury before and it fixed itself within about six weeks but I didn't workout in those days.

It's agony in the mornings but slowly eases as the day progresses. If it is the same tommorrow I will have to get it checked out.

I have limited time and funds so who do I see first?


Thanks guys!

Edit- Just for future references can anybody answer the original question as I have refused to use it in the past whilst suffering serious DOMS as I didn't want to hinder my gains at all. (Ibi-Profen/Voltarin ect)


To answer your question, NSAID's, such as aleve, tylenol, etc are known to reduce hypertrophy when used for longer durations. Anti-inflammatories like fish oil are great for your health and will only be a positive benefit.


I saw this the other week and it mentions some issues with anti-inflamitories and exercise I hadn't read before.


go chiro shopping
not all chiro's are created equal


My advice, go to the GP,
They'll be able to give you referrals for tests to make sure everything is ok, if you have a referral medicare will cover some of the cost.
Once they know what's going, they'll refer you on. I'm not sure about chiro's, but I know that if you have a referral to a physio, medicare will cover a percentage of the cost for a certain number of visits. Sorry that I can't remember how many.

I hope it goes well.


Thanks mate and thanks to everyone again.

I tried to get a Doc's appointment today with no luck but may be able to get in tommorrow. I got a massage around the area tonight and had a bath in epsom salts so hopefully it makes a difference and I will know whether it's muscular or spinal by the morning.