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Anti-Gyno, Low Test Cycle

Hey guys, was going to see what you thought about my plans for some gyno shrinkage/low test 12 week cycle.

Short back story, a few years back I ran a 12 week bulk cycle with Test E, d-bol jump start, with equipoise. Ran hcg throughout, had nolvadex at the end… and still ended up with some gyno. I definitely messed something up. Had surgery to get the knot removed… ran another cycle of test only for 10 weeks a year later, and lo-and-behold, the knot came back… I ran aromasin 12.5 eod throughout the cycle… but clearly didn’t account for something because I have a knot back.

So, now… I’m training for a “strength and endurance” event, but every time I get serious into my training I end up with complete exhaustion, low libido, etc. etc… I had my doc run labs on my test levels a while back and they were 280’s… but he wouldn’t do anything about it at the time, but when I’m not constantly pounding the pavement with monotonous miles, lifting heavy, etc my libido is just fine, I have no other signs of low test I don’t think.

I am 30 years old, 6’ 190 lbs. I’ve been as heavy as 205-210 with weight lifting only. Just for reference.

Therefore, I am going to see what you think about this cycle:
250mg Test Cyp/ week
60mg Raloxifene x 7 days followed by 30mg day throughout
Aromasin 12.5 mg EOD

And I was thinking about throwing Clomid in at the end for a month (50/50/25/25) after being off the test, aromasin, Raloxifene - for the support of HPTA and test levels.

Am I crazy or overdoing it to try to rid myself of gyno while keeping some decent test levels? I feel I’m pretty well researched and haven’t came across a similar cycle to this… but with researching (mainly NIH and here), I have found good info regarding Raloxifene’s ability to shrink and or completely eliminate gyno.

Thanks! And sorry for the long post!

How do you get gyno again after getting surgery to remove the glands?

12.5 armosin EOD and you claim to have gotten gyno again from a test only cycle? Absolutely no way I can see this happening. There is no way even if gyno prone I think your estrogen could have gotten high enough with that aromosain dose to cause gyno.

Why? Why not just run nolva thru out the cycle to prevent gyno. Why didn’t you do that a while back. You claim to be well researched but haven’t thought of using nolva on cycle?

Idk man none of this makes sense to me. You must have some kind of crazy gyno issues that drugs can’t prevent or something.

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You are absolutely right I should have used Nolva before. My initial cycle, I was still learning. Second cycle I thought I had it figured out, used aromasin with test only. The gyno came back slowly over time starting about a month or two after the cycle. It’s on my left chest only. I had surgery on my left chest only. Never have had an issue with my right side.

And the reason for Raloxifene is because studies have shown it is much better than Nolva for gyno.
I have done quite a bit of research because it seems I am indeed missing something and that’s why I’m on here for advice and critique.
No it doesn’t make sense to me as to why the gyno is coming despite test only… I am at a loss, maybe someone with advice instead of criticism will chime in

Maybe you missed my advice because I wasn’t clear enough.

Stop using steroids until you figure out why you keep getting gyno even after getting surgery. And while using aromasin at that dose.

Your trying to solve the problem by continously throwing more and more harsh drugs at it. This is not the answer.