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Anti-Fungal Cream & Jock Itch


I have symptoms of jock itch. I've got some patches on my inner thighs and my balls are red. Doctor said to put some generic jock itch cream on it, so I got some antifungal cream with 'Total undecylenate 25%' as the active ingredient, showered up, and slapped it on my balls and inner thighs. Within two minutes my balls were on FIRE. All I could think about while I ran around the house screaming in agony (well after I had rinsed off my balls) was how horrific mustard gas must be. Am I supposed to put it on my balls and endure the pain?


You should get a medication for Athelete's foot, with Clomatrizole. That seemed to work for me. Or, you could try Icy Hot. But I wouldn't reccomend it.



Ouch. I could be wrong but I don't think it's supposed to hurt like that. You been gettin any action from strange girls lately? I would make a doctor's appointment, but that's me, I love my balls.


Man, I got the worst case of jock itch in the world a couple/few months back... sitting on a towel doesn't necessarily protect you in the steam room.

Anyways, if Lamisil doesn't work, your doc might prescribe something with a steroid in it... it's killing me that I can't remember the name...

It's also possible that you've got a yeast infection. Yup, guys can get them too. Get some Monistat, mix it with some white vinegar and grease yourself up for a few days. That ought to take care of it.

Actually, I think dabbing yourself with vinegar will help in either case. Let it dry and powder up.

And from now on, don't be in such a rush to get out of the locker room... dry yourself off good and dust the nether regions with Gold Bond or something.


And if you can't shower immediately after your activity, pour some Gold Bond right into your jock strap and shake it all around. That may help prevent the problem.


This stuff works well. Made in LA. You may be able to find it in a Wal-Mart.


Just an FYI, if a cream or ointment burns, washing it off may not do the trick. Sometimes, it just spreads it around. Think about eating spicy food, does water help? Try washing it first, and if that doesn't help, make a paste with baking soda and milk. Assuming that it is a reaction due to the chemical and not an allergy, that should do the trick.


You mean, mean bastard.


Just remembered the name...


Butt paste made in L.A.? Who woulda' thunk that!


Louisiana not Los Angeles


Actually, funny story:

I had some deep muscle knots and bruising from taking some leg kicks in training. That night I decided to apply some Icy Hot to my legs. However, I failed to think that the inner thigh, and my junk are right there. I spent the next 3-4 minutes running around my apartment cursing like a pirate in a semi-squat position. Felt like someone had a strangly minty blowtorch on my balls. Fun times.



You should see your doc for a prescription for an antifungal cream and also to assess that it is indeed a fungal rash. Your doc can prescribe creams that don't burn. You could also try over the counter women's yeast infection medication for your twins, they are made for the genitals.


They sure are.


Supplement cream with some powder-type spray. The sprays are listed for feet, but they have the same active ingredients in them.

Keep doing the cream and/or spray twice a day for at least 3-4 weeks. The problem for most people is that they stop after the itching subsides. Bad mistake.

You've only killed off the weakest fungi. The stronger ones move into the territory vacated by the wimpy ones and you have a super colony on your hands...or rather balls.



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