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Heya T-squad. I’m going away for three weeks tomorrow to train and wrestle upstate. I really need something to harden up. I’m going to stop at GNC today so I’d really like some insight on what to buy. I’ve heard soy is pretty good for this???

Thanks FootSoldier

Wow, I ventured over from steroid forum and found this. Dude, listen up, Soy is the absolute lasts thing to use. From this sight alone I’ve learned a lot abou why soy’s bad but basically, it has shit in it (isoflavones) that are precursors to estrogen. This will do the exact opposite of harden you up. It will also increase the clearance of free T and you don’t want that either. Go buy some Tribex 500.

BigRob, I’m going away tomorrow so I don’t have any time to order Biotest products. I was looking for non-Biotest products that would help me harden up. Thanks for the soy info though.


I don’t understand what you’re going after here. Why do you need to “harden up” to wrestle and train? Are you talking about losing water weight? Dropping fat? Neither are very beneficial or supportive to hard training, so what’s the point?

And whatever your goal, soy won’t get you there.

At this point I gotta side with Chris, What does harden up mean? Besides Tribex should be at GNC. Maybe you need to concentrate at this point on increasing intensity and endurance. Maybe some ephedrine HCL. Beware of the side effects though, if you’ve never had this stuff before, don’t bother, you could end up a jittering mess. Besides, are you tested for anything.
If you take anything from this listen to Chris:
Know EXACTLY what you want and ask for that. Don’t be ambiguous.