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has any one out their heard of or used letro?. I have a chance to get some fairly cheap. But I dont know it is worth it.


I am currently using it and I have a guy I recommend you buy it from (crazy cheap). I buy my liq clo, liq nolv, liq cialis, and liq femara all from him...PM me..

Femara is the top-notch aromatase inhibitor...



IMO, this stuff is very good. Studies (and some real world experience that I have read about) shows that 2.5mg every day can drastically reverse gyno. During a cycle you need much less then this though, say 0.25-0.75mg.



   Regarding your post on Liquid products, what brand do you prefer?  Have you tried more than one?



It's the best. If you don't want it - I'll take it.


I have tried MANY phoenix labs, a few other websites.. but THE best is my man over at www.researchchemsonline.com tell him Matt from st. pete, FL sent ya and he'll give you a nice lil discount.. His liq femara and liq. cialis are friggin AWESOME!!