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Anti-Estrogens for Fat Loss?


So my question, maybe rated as stupid but, can anti estrogen pills help burn more fat?


IF you have estrogen problems, then yes.


“anti-estrogen”. Do you mean a SERM or AI.


Driving your E2 too low (by using an AI for example) will make you feel like shit, make your joints hurt, and kill your libido. You probably don’t want to mess with this unless you have lab testing that indicates high E2. If your E2 is high, Arimidex (anastrozole) may help. Good range for males is 20-30pg/mL. SERMS are more selective in how they block estrogen - not sure if they will help fat loss, but probably should be avoided if not needed for other issues.


I was just looking at a product yesterday at the local store, that was basically the same pro-hormone (or a slightly different version) that they used in HAVOC (sp?) marketed to women as an anti-estrogen/fat loss agent. its called VIXEN by Elemental Nutrition in a nice pink bottle.

I could not find it online to research the ingredients. The store clerk, who is fairly knowledgable from previous encounters, said he has several fitness chicks on this prodeuct and they love it, however the estrogen backlash at the end means you have to have your diet in check when you come off…not sure what I would think about that pathway of fat loos for a woman.