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In the research that I have done I?ve found that the male body is geared towards T. So my question is why is important to cycle anti-estrogen supplements. I?m in the military and I don't use hardcore gear and never have but I do use boosters. I?ve received great results from both supplements Alpha & Anti-E. I fully understand that you have to cycle boosters to maintain sensitivity to the product. Does it work the same for anti-E?

I saw a documentary on the discovery channel about eunuchs at the turn of the old century. Now these Italian opera singers were snipped between the ages of 9-11 before puberty hitting. Doing this allowed them to maintain their high vocals. Also the men were of freakish nature with abnormally large legs and arms. These men were so large do to the snip, because it cut of estrogen product and T was flowing in their bodies none stop until the day that they died.

Their testis kept firing off T and the growth plates never stopped receiving signals to stop growing through the estrogen signal which would have occurred at puberty. Also upon examination of the body after death the skeleton was as youthful and healthy as an infant?s skeleton never aging throughout the years . So if you haven?t come to my conclusion yet I?m wondering if the same could be copied through anti-estrogen supplementation some products claim the estrogen receptor can be neutralized or shut down. Along with this and that??????.. So is it important to cycle estrogen do we really need it???? Or am I looking into this too much?

Just rolling around ideas?????.


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This is known as macroskelia and is due to the lack of test in the system. Macroskelia normally occurs today with chromosone diseases, i.e Klinefelter Syndrome. Macroskelia only occured in pre-puberty castration among eunuchs.

As long as the testes function, a man's body will continue to produce testosterone as well as sperm and he will still (theoretically) be capable of fathering children. To stop this castration was employed removing the testes completely. If this was done after puberty the eunuch would stilll retain masculine features.

Castrati on the other hand had their testicles removed before puberty, hence the castrated boy will retain many of his childlike qualities into adulthood including the inability to get a full erection, and a lack of body and facial hair. He will also have trouble putting on muscle mass.

Castration--not a route I'd consider for bulking up;-D


i see know......... i thought it sound fishy but the pictures of these people were huge and they were not fat..... either way thanks for the info........