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Can anyone suggest any good anit-e to take after am 1ad and 4ad cycle

Clomid. Only point of an an anti-estrogen here would be improved testosterone production and Clomid is the best choice for that. A good dosing is 50 mg taken say 6 times on day 1 (to get a loading of it, as otherwise it takes a long time for levels to build up) and then 50 mg/day.

how long do you recomend to take Clomid for. and have you ever used it before.

The best anti-e is a combo of Proviron and Nolvadex. An intake of 20-30mg of Nolvadex and 25-50mg of Proviron.
Proviron is technically an andrigen it has a pronounced effect on the production of estrogen in the body. Its mode of action is very different than Nolvadex and makes a very good synergistic combination. Nolvadex only blocks the binding ability of free floating estrogen while Proviron can minimize the creation of it.
Clomid is interchangeable with Nolvadex but known to be a slightly weaker estrogen blocker.

Proviron should not be used as a PCT drug; it should only be used with an AAS, as it is highly suppressive itself and will only serve to prolong recovery.