Anti-Estrogen With MAG-10?

I’m taking MAG-10 and Ive been told that I should be taking some type of PCT -what should I take if I need anyting?

Alpha Male and M are sufficient for PCT on MAG-10 alone.

This has been listed numerous times in the threads associated with MAG-10.

You should do your research before messing around with Pro-Hormones.

Alpha Male

Where do I get M and do I need Alpha Male too?

It says on this site that M is out of stock and everywhere else it says the product was discontinued -what do I do now?

Tribulus and 6oxo or equivalent products…

Alpha Male is fine

[quote]cadav wrote:
Tribulus and 6oxo or equivalent products…[/quote]
So I just take the tribulus and 6oxo after the MAG-10 cycle -how long after that do I have to take it?

Here’s a good thread that has some of the bigwigs talking about 6-Oxo:

In short: Don’t use it, it does nothing (or nothing much). Nolvadex and clomid are available online if you search a little bit.