Anti-Estrogen with 250-300mg Depo?

Do I have to use an anti-estrogen with 250-300 mg testosterone injection? I read that broccoli and white mushrooms are natural anti-estrogen foods as well as zinc supplementation but how much of that would you need to consume?

Visit the HRT forum and read the stickies.

I am sure I read that KSman (senior poster in that forum) recommends 1.2mg adex per week as the optimal amount of adex for 250mg test a week, assuming the individual is not hyper sensitive to it; but please do not quote me on that.

I understand that zinc and flaxseed have some anti estrogenic properties but I don’t believe they will be sufficient to combat increased estrogen levels from testosterone, even in a lower dosages like yours-I think they will help more combat environmental estrogens.