Anti-estrogen to cut fat?

Bottom line - does anyone think that a ctycle of anti-estrogen alone, or with Clenbuterol, may aid fat loss?

I have searched this site and found articles that state some lower body fat may be dur to estrogen.

I am extremely cut (really) in my upper body and lower body EXCEPT an inch of fat on my Abdomen. I have tried everything diet wise to get rid of it. I am getting ready to do some clenbuterol and low carb, but do you think some anti-estrogen treatnment, such as clomid, might help?

You cannot be serious! An inch of fat? Tell me you were exaggerating. That’s like 25mm. And you’re shredded to the bone everywhere else? Dayum!

Sorry, man, I just thought that was a little strange. Have you tried any of the topical fat loss products? These seem to get some good reviews. Have you tried things like yohimbine?

Katphan, you can hit it from about three different directions.

One, go ahead and supplement with Tribex 500 & M. The combo will increase testosterone levels and reduce estrogen levels, yes. More testosterone, better/stronger workouts, more muscles.

Two, cardio. You reduce visceral fat by reducing calories; i.e., dieting. You reduce subcutaneous fat with exercise. You’ll get the biggest bang for your buck by doing 30-minute sessions in a fasted state.

Three, highly complementary to Item 2 above, is a topical yohimbe/yohimbine product like LipoDerm-Y. Annecdotal evidence has been quite positive, and I’m about ready to add my name to the list of people who feel it performs as advertised. I’ve been using the product for about two weeks and am starting to see noticable/visible results.