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Anti-Estrogen Supplement?


Hey, I was wondering if you guys could give me some recommendations on a safe anti-estrogen supplement?

Like everyone else here, I'm trying to maximize my gains in the gym without doing anything illegal:)

I just ordered some Tribulus extract (I'm not expecting too much, I just wanted to try it out), and I read an article at "Think Muscle.com" that said tribulus is best paired with an aromatase inhibitor like Arimidex due to the elevated levels of estradiol experienced when taking tribulus.

As far as I know Arimidex is a prescription drug...is there something natural and legal out there that even comes close?

Thanks a lot:)


Click store and look at the products, one of them acts as an anti estrogen.


ok cool, thanks:)

Have any of you had any success with it?


gonna be honest here, nothing "natural" will affect gains in a significant manner. You're better off saving your coin for food.

That being said, there are a wide variety of legal PH's and AI's our there that will give you significant increases in gains. However these usually come with side affects if not taken properly and you won't be classified as natural anymore (unless your definition of natural is "legal"). These things should only be considered after having a good number of years of training experience under your belt first


Thanks for the advice Invictica;)

Here's the story...Basically I just spent $20 on some tribulus extract, and then I read an article at thinkmuscle.com that said tribulus also increases your estradiol level as well...so, since I already spent the $20, I was looking for something cheap and natural that could counter-act the supposed increase in estrogen.



How old are you, Dude?...


Is it safe to say tribulus extract wont cause any permanant alterations to my endocrine system?

In other words, when I stop taking it, will my hormonal system return to the way it was before I took it?


Again how old are you ????

if you are 18 or under STOP WORRYING about your hormones.


I was wondering the same thing...I'm only 19 and for the past two years I've felt like shit...I got my free testosterone tested and it was at 9.7, they didn't even test my total testosterone, but I have an appointment scheduled with an endocrinologist.

I'm wondering if tribulus might help...I'm only 19, and I want to try everything I can naturally to get my T up.

let me know what you guys think


I'm 23 years old...and I'm not worrying about anything.


What you do is type KSMAN into Memeber search in the top right hand corner.

Message him, he is extremely knowledgable and will be best placed to advise you further.


A lot of the research behind ZMA suggests that supplementing with zinc can have a positive effect to testosterone. I think the particular study was on athletes who had low test because of the zinc depletion brought on by constant training but the take home point was that if you're training, zinc is good for your test.

Coach Poliquin refers to adequate zinc levels for his atheletes quite often, and I believe he mentioned in a column not too long ago that zinc had some anti-estrogen effects as well.


ATD or Methyl-ATD is the strongest OTC AI. It is a real aromatase Inhibitor...Gaspari Novedex XT has just ATD in it. There are a few products out there with methyl-ATD which is slightly more potent, but I don't know any off the top of my head.


If you were going to do that just get Arimidex as they both work in the same fashion and I believe adex to be easily dosed and controlled imo...


Your estrogen levels won't get out of hand on tribulus so you wouldn't need it...and second, taking any AI will mess with your endocrine system slightly as it will play a role in how much E is floating in your system.

so in conclusion don't worry about the AI...the only reason I'd consider an AI without any AAS would be to try and stimulate futher test production by minimising estrogen...but we don't know how well that will work or if you have to put estrogen completely in the shitter to get T up high enough to matter.

Then with E in the shitter the extra T won't help you anyways...you could just be asking for troubles like an estrogen rebound when you discontinue adex or any AI use imo...

my .02